Friday, October 4, 2013

A Passion for Rust

I have a passion for RUST.

Yes, rust, the crusty, flakes
 of reddish brown erosion.

You can find it anywhere. 
It only takes water and air
and time to produce rust naturally.

I like rust on metal furniture, 
galvanized buckets and metal watering cans-
pieces that remind me of playtime in 
my granny's yard and on her front porch.

We may find rust on household items, 
like this metal oil lamp. 

I always wonder about the history of such an item.
Did it live in an old house
with a leaky roof?

I like to imagine 
a girl writing the last 
few lines in her diary 
by the light of a lamp,
before turning in for the night.

I like rusty old toys.

I like to imagine little boys playing 
in the sand with their Tonka trucks
and bulldozers--

and little feet running in from the rain
leaving behind remnants of a childhood
gone too swiftly--

the remains of a tiny metal car 
found in a playground or under a sand pile,
with blades of grass grown up all around--

rusty farm equipment
beside a cotton field 
or behind a barn
and memories of a hardworking 
man who provided for his family.

Today, the rusty and crusty 
when paired with 
other objects of years gone by, 
adorn my faux mantle.

Does anyone else share my love 
for the rusty and crusty
and the memories that abide with each?

Happy Friday!
Anyone up for a good find?
Tomorrow is yard sale day!



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