Monday, September 30, 2013

Everything's Coming Up Roses

Everyone's thinking Fall
and for me 
"Everything's Coming up Roses."

I'm a pink and roses kinda girl.

I have so much pretty and pink.

You gotta know when to hold it 
and know when to fold it.

A few years ago, I could sell a piece
like this for $30 or more.

EBay's completed listing
of a Noritake marked "M"
is going for $20 AT THE MOST!
Some pieces are $7-$15.

I think I'll hold on to mine.

The hand painted laced milk glass plate
is a pretty for sure.

Even for a numbered Lefton, 
the completed listing is $7.
I can't believe!

I guess I'll keep my pretties.

Temps in the 60's today.
In the South we say, 
"Happy Fall Ya'll,"



  1. Happy Fall Y'all right back at you! Love the little milk glass plate.

  2. It's amazing how things fall in and out of favor on eBay,isn't it? I have things I paid a small fortune for and they are not worth much of anything. xo Diana


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