Thursday, September 26, 2013

A Cracked Pitcher and a Vintage Clock

I don't pass up an ironstone pitcher,
even one with cracks.
I might say, especially one with cracks.

I paid $5 for this and it is enormous!
The chips and discoloration
show signs of age and character.

I hope that's what aging has done for me. 
Yes, I have some age spots
and I guess the wrinkles kinda look like cracks, 
and I have been broken.

However, unlike the pitcher, 
I don't intend to sit on a shelf 
for display only.

I've done that long enough.
I want to be of use and of service
as the cracked pitcher once was. 

Time is ticking away
and at 53,
I'm not getting any younger.

Did you know that anything
over 50 years of age 
is considered vintage.

Can you believe that?

This week I was allowed
and had the privilege of 
attending a Bible Study with 
girls much younger that I.

I was amazed at the wisdom 
of these young mothers.

I wish I had not been stuborn 
and learned some of these hard
lessons at a younger age.

I wish I had said, "Yes,"
to the call many years ago.
Sometimes I wonder if time 
has ticked away to fast 
and I missed it. 

I can't go back and change the past.
I CAN allow God to use the broken pieces
in my life to heal others who are broken, 
"making the most of every opportunity," 
as God's Word says, "because the days are evil."

Thank you, Holy Spirit for the lesson,.
When we're still enough to listen,
we can hear Him speak.



  1. I love that pitcher, Bonnie. What a great find.

  2. Bonnie- That is a great pitcher and I love that you can find the correlation between the effects of time on the pitcher and the way time wears on us. I, too, am amazed at some of the smart young mothers and what they know. Far more than I did at that age.

    I am ten years older than you, Bonnie, and I have ALWAYS had this incredible sense of time moving across my life-even since I was a young child. I think even then I knew that there was something beyond this time span we have here.

    GREAT post-xo Diana


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