Tuesday, September 17, 2013

A Spot of Tea or a Cup of Coffee?

A Spot of Tea
or a Cup of Coffee?

How do you prepare
a proper cup of tea?

Truthfully, I wouldn't know.

As a true southerner, 
I prefer iced tea to hot tea.

In my part of the country, 
tea is often referred to as
the "house wine of the South."

This Spring we ate at Lady and Sons
in Savannah, Georgia.
Paula Dean has to have
in the South!

Tea originated in Ancient Asia 
and was often used for 
medicinal purposes.

In our day, 
we'd say
tea is used for 
"what ails you."

Teapots, tea kettles, 
and tea pitchers were quite
different from what you see here. 

In the early 1600's, 
tea was introduced to Europe.

It wasn't until 1904 that iced tea
was introduced 
at the World's Fair in St. Louis.

Tea bags were a luxury 
and not yet a household staple
when introduced in 1908.

As a child,
I can remember straining loose tea.
Mama didn't use tea bags until
I was a teenager.

I prefer a hot cup of coffee
with flavored cream.

Actually, I prefer a mug.

Which do you prefer...

a spot of tea
or a mug of coffee?

Looking forward to cooler temperatures
and a morning cup of hot coffee.


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  1. I'm a coffee drinker, but iced tea in the summertime is always refreshing. I never got into drinking hot tea unless I have a head cold.
    Mary Alice


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