Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Singin' the Blues

My favorite color is White...
and Pink, of course.

But my home is filled with blues.

I have the one pink room
but pink just doesn't work
for every room in the house.

I now have a room with shades of white.
It's coming together nicely.
As I've said before, 
I dream in white....ahhhhhhh.
White is not the absence of color!

blue has found a place
in every other room in the house. 

From the kitchen...

Moving right into the dining area
and into the living area...

and into the bath.

Yes, the tile is still the original green
from the 60's,
but a little blue
gives me the feel of the sea.
(After 27 years, I finally got a new sink in my
you-can-barely-turn-around-in bathroom.
It's bigger than the room!)

Little pops of blue everywhere.

I did a painting like this last year.
It sold right away.

This little piece of blue and white
will go to the booth on Thursday.

Did you know I'm a
rhythm and blues
kind of girl?

I do love me some blues-
the color too.

Singin' the blues tonight,



  1. I used to have a lot of blue in my rooms but have gotten away from most of it over the years. The new blues are lovely and I love the way you have incorporated it into your home. It looks lovely- xo Diana

  2. I LOVE that little Be Still sign!! Did you make it??? adorable....and great verse too.



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