Monday, September 23, 2013

Shabby Chic: A Classic

One of my favorite designers, 
if not my favorite designer, is Rachel Ashwell.

She claims to not have invented Shabby Chic, 
but can be accredited for 
today's trend.

However, it can not really be called a trend.
Her book, Shabby Chic 
was written in 1996
and remains a classic today.

She writes, 
"Shabby Chic goes far beyond the stereotype
of a few tea-stained florals and some cushy chairs.
Some have called this shabby yet elegant look 
'a marriage between the laid-back, breezy ease 
of Los Angeles beach life and the romantic 
prettiness of English country life
at its most casual'."

The pink candlesticks and floral dresser box
atop the vanity mirror
have the "romantic prettiness"
that is described in Rachel's book.

The sheer curtains share the 
practicality and faded splendor 
of the shabby chic.

"To these qualities I would add that the style
suggests things that are inherited rather
than store-bought and handcrafted 
rather than mass-produced."

I like to imagine that the candlesticks 
and the dresser box were wedding gifts
from a grandmother, 
an inheritance to share with the 
next generation.

I dream of a beach house 
decorated with white and soft pastels and
loosely fitting fabrics draped across comfortable seating.

I imagine wide wood-paneled white walls
and sheer white panels 
that blow with the ocean's wind.

I imagine ruffled pillows
and soft throws 
for relaxing while enjoying 
my favorite pastime, reading.

I imagine a large front porch 
with a close view of one of 
God's most beautiful creations
that remains and stands the test of time. 

This is shabby chic living.

Hope you enjoyed a relaxing Monday. 

I did!



  1. Such beautiful and serene vignettes.

  2. I love shabby chic..I do not have it, as much as I would like. Ashwell is the first person I heard of associated with shabby chic...and has been for years. xoxo,Susie


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