Friday, September 13, 2013

Falling in Love with Fall and a Distressed Desk

I'm falling in love with FALL.

These were two of my sweet deals 
at Goodwill, 
$2 for 4 chargers
$1.50 for the pitcher.
Both were in pristine condition.

I'm not a typical Fall decorator.
Although I love the colors of the season, 
I usually search for white and pink pumpkins
and white mums.
Must stay true to myself.

I popped into today to add my finds 
and found this:)

My sister had painted and distressed 
the old brown desk.

It is screaming, "Take me home."

Yes, it belonged to me first.
I gave it to my niece.
My sister turns it into a beauty.

Did I mention that my sister and I share a space?
She's a much better painter than I am.

I'll be making another trip to Nashville this week.
More goodies to come, 



  1. I think you need to buy a new sister!;>) xo Diana

  2. You certainly did get some great deals.. and yes, you must stay true to yourself with the color of your Fall decor. Your white desk will look great too. Have a great day and blessings!


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