Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Feeling a Little Blue

Wow!  Sometimes I wonder where these emotions come from...

One minute I'm fine...and then I hear a song, smell a certain aroma, recall a memory and I'm one blubbering mess.

A year ago this weekend, I went to Nashville to celebrate my daughter's birthday.  When I came home, my dad was upset for my leaving.  He wasn't himself, I know that, but I still recall the hurt I saw in his eyes.  He wasn't supposed to be driving.  He had been under the care of home health for weeks.  He had not driven in weeks and he showed up at the nursing home to do his Bible study.  I said, "What are you doing here?"  He replied, "What do you mean, what am I doing here?"  To which I said, "You aren't well, you're not supposed to be driving."  He responded in anger, "How do you know what I'm supposed to be doing?  You haven't been here." 

That day was the end of his nursing home visits.  That was Monday.  We talked seriously on Wednesday night.  He admitted to me that he had said his good-byes to his "class" and would no longer be back.  He cried and said, "It's time."  He fell that night.  My phone was dead.  He punched his lifeline.  The ambulance came.  I saw the next morning that I had several missed calls from him and one from my sister and one from my brother.  I knew that something was wrong.  I called my sister. "He's fine.  Had a fall.  Checked out okay."  Went by the house.  "Daddy, how are you doing?"  We was in bed with his c-pap on as usual.  "I'm fine. Don't worry about me.  Go on to work now.  You don't want to be late.  I just had a little fall."  We was always concerned about our job security.  He worked for the same church for 60 years, 47 as full-time pastor.  The rest as pastor emeritus and pastor of visitation.  He didn't understand the changing work force.

My brother stayed with him on Friday.  We usually took turns making sure that he had dinner and was ready for bed.  My brother didn't feel right about leaving.  The next morning he woke daddy up to get him breakfast and before he could get back to the kitchen he heard him fall----for the last time.  He regained conciousness to tell the EMT who he was and we never talked to him again.  He died 6 hours later-a brain bleed that started when he fell a few days before.

There's so much I wish I had said.  That was March 12.  I'm struggling tonight with regrets over missed opportunities. 

Thought I'd share a little of my blue with you-both emotionally and literally. 

Like sands on the sea of time, so are the days of our lives.  Sand dollars are plentiful at Hilton Head and I lay them around everywhere so that I'll feel close to the shore.  Daddy made it safely to the Heavenly shore.  I wonder if there are sea shells there?

Sometimes a single treasure is all you need.  My Daddy was a treaure.  He lived a life of service and touched one single person at a time.  He believed in building relationships.  His evangelism was the kind that was lived out daily...often without words.

A little sweet spot in the midst of the pain-my daughter's picture.  Gonna wash those blues right out of my head and celebrate her 30th!  Her granddaddy was proud of her and all his grandchildren. 

Happy Thoughts Tomorrow! 

A Lady Plunders!

Plundering was something my mama never allowed me to do.  She was a lady in every measure of the word.  Don't get me wrong.  She wasn't prissy.  She wasn't stuffy.  She was real and she knew how to have fun, but there were just some things that a "lady" did not do.
Mama's Rules for Ladies:

1.  A lady never slams doors, drawers, or windows.

2.  A lady doesn't look through another lady's purse-especially when that lady is your mom!  You were only allowed to "plunder" in her purse when she told you to.  And you were only to look in which compartment she said to look in.  She knew exactly what was in each.  She had a place for gum and peppermint candy.  These were commodities!  She had a place for her handerchief, her "billfold", her pill box, her note get the point.

3.  A lady never calls a gentleman first!  And, that gentlemen must be a gentleman which meant he couldn't blow the horn for you to come out.  He had to come to the door.  He didn't "drop" you off.  He had to walk you to the door.

4.  A lady never sits in the car with her gentleman.  If you want to sit and talk, there was enough room around the table or in the den with the rest of the family.  Mama was old-fashioned, but she wasn't stupid.  She allowed us some privacy when she knew that she was a room away.

5.  A lady never allowed a gentleman in her bedroom.  NEVER!

6.  A lady never plunders in someone else's stuff.  OOPS!  I guess that did it for me-especially when it comes to junk.  Is junking the same thing as plundering???

Today I went plundering again-in the back room of my friend's Beauty Shop-the same shop where I found the shell bowl. 

Today I found the greatest iron candlestick!  Can I have it?  She said, "Sure."  She's been quite ageeable lately.  Two times in a row.  Maybe I'll go for broke.  In my plundering, I spotted a set of glasses in a white wire basket.  Ahhhh.  Divine.  Can I have it?  I'll pay for it?  Can I?  I really only want the wire basket.  Ok, ok.  I've gone too far!

Well, sometimes a lady just has to plunder!

Is this not a great find?

Gotta get off and get ready for Nashville in hopes that my husband will let me plunder a little along the way!

Happy Hunting!

Monday, February 27, 2012

I Dream of a Beach Cottage

I'm sitting here reading all the blogs I can find on the beach. 

It's at this time of year that I long for sunshine on my shoulders, the solitude of the early morning sunrise near the sea, the smell of salt and marsh, and fresh fried oysters and shrimp like you can get nowhere else.

Ummmmm....I'm seeing it....I'm feeling it.

I so wish I could create like so many of you, but until I'm there, perhaps you'll induldge me.

My little beach cottage away from the beach is still a work in progress.  A girl can dream, can't she?

It helps to read all I can!

I love the story of the sandollar.  Just like it's Creator to be so creative.  The starfish is one I bought, no less special.

I found this fabulous ceramic seashell bowl on my latest dig.  Get this, the dig happened to be in the back room of the owner's shop.  Sometimes our greatest treasures are right before our eyes!  I bought it before it made it's home on the shelf.

'Til we meet again.  I'll be reading in my little beach cottage by the sea (in my dreams!)

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Visiting My Home-Away-From-Home

It's a beautiful Sunday and as always, I enjoyed sharing God's precious Word with my Sunday School Class.
It's cool outside but the sunshine warms my heart.  It's days like today when I can feel my mama and daddy close to me, and their love continues to embrace me.  I think I listen to them more now than I did when they were living.  Their once unheeded advice now echoes in my ears.

As you can see, I have a new blog header!  Yey, me!!! At 51, I am learning new things!  Thank you Claudia.  You are a great teacher.

I'm getting soooo pumped.  Can't wait for my trip to Nashville next weekend.  It really is home because my children are there...Home is where the heart is, right?  And they are my heart! 
It's my daughter's 30th.  Oops!  She hates it when I share her info on my blog!  But don't you think this is cause for celebration???  What mother doesn't swell with pride at the mention of her chidlren.
Of course, I've got to get my hands on my Connor, my absolutely beautiful, first GRANDchild.  They don't call 'em GRAND for nothing!
I have to see my GRANDdog, Bennie and I have a new baby, Charlie.  Bennie is a Sheltie and he is beautiful.  Since they live so far away and I don't get to visit everyday, I wanted Connor to hear his
Bon-Bon's voice. For Valentine's Day, I sent him a recorded book, I Love You So Much.  Bennie heard my voice and went looking for me.

  I haven't met my newest GRANDdog, Charlie.  He is a shitzo??? Is that how you spell it??? He is adorable, just a baby rescued from the pound by my daughter and son-in-law. He even goes to doggie daycare once and awhile.  He has brought much joy to them!

This is my daughter's bedroom and my home-away-from home.  I hope to get a close-up of the photos over the bed.  They love Savannh and these are shots of The Marshall House where they stayed on their honemoon, 8 years ago??? Wow, time flies!

The Old Spaghetti Factory is a beautiful old building in downtown Nashville where we celebrated after our grandson's dedication ceremony.  I just had to photograph the tremendous light fixtures and the ceiling beams.

More to come from my home-away-from home.'ll get to meet Charlie.  So will I:)

Friday, February 24, 2012

What's a Girl to Do With a Piece of Junk?

In this business of junkin'
sometimes you really do get JUNK!
Not the kind of junk that you can make into a treasure,

I'd really wanted an old sewing machine, the pedal kind like my granny had.  Well, really the cabinet and the pedal. 
Early one morning- I think I must have been on my caffiene fast-a guy pulls up in front of the store and I almost peed my pants!
It was better than I could have imagined...I must have been imaging!!!
The detail was fabulous!  Ornate wood carvings.  He pulled out the drawers to show me how they swung open and had a compartment for each spool of thread.  He even showed me the vintage sewing notions that were still inside. 
I was captivated.
He had 2.  I wanted the ornate one.  He said $125 for both.  I said $45 for one.  He said, "No Deal."
Oh well, maybe next time. 

An hour later...

"How about $75 for both?"

"How about $50 for one?"


Should have known if he couldn't sell it across the tracks, it was no good. 
I didn't examine the merchandise.  I was busy with customers.  Didn't even give it a second glance when he and his guys took it to the back.  Just excited to have my machine.


Ugh!!!  I almost screamed!  I think I did pee my pants!  Rotton wood, rusty pedal, and peeling veneer!  Well, okay, I'll savage the ornate details.  Uggh!  Crumbled in my hands. 

For you gals, that are salvage queens, what's a girl to do with this piece of junk?  Any ideas????
Pray do share!!! 

Did not dare photo the piece of junk.  Maybe I will tomorrow, if I can bear it. 

Today, was a quiet day at the shop.  A perfect day to move everything last time.
One last time, this week!
I love the pink clock.  Didn't really capture what I wanted you to see.  The little compartment thingy on top is a plastic pink jewelry holder out of a store display case.  I've got more!  I'm gonna have fun with these.
There's also a pink frog on the top shelf-the first one I've ever gotten my hands on.  The ceramic dresser box is not marked, but was an estate find of a 100 year old lady who kept everything!  I've had it for 5 years. The lid has a colonial lady and gentleman painted on it.  I'll try to remember to share a close up later.   Can't believe it hasn't sold.  I've put it away only to bring it out again just because it makes me smile.  The pink vase I've had on hand for awhile too.  Both are marked at $5!  Can't believe I still have them.  Both are old!
Once again, the step latter is my favorite for displays-adds height and draws attention!  It was my mama's! Some may call it "Junk."  Now this....a REAL treasure!

Thursday, February 23, 2012

My Little Railroad Town

It was somewhat overcast today, and the early morning air felt wonderful.

So, I decided to take a walk about and around my little railroad town in Georgia.  It felt like home and I was overwhelmed with nostalgia.

I believe this sign has been painted in the past 20 years because I don't remember it from my childhood days.  And anyway, the paint would be more cracked with more patina.  However, I'm a big fan of Coke signs.  

Mr. Ralph's Shoe Shop is supported by the Coke wall.  Mr. Ralph was a cobbler and we revisited him several times a year.  Being a poor, preacher man's kid, we only got 4 pair of shoes each year-"Sunday" shoes and "everyday" shoes, before school started and Easter.  Mr. Ralph would resole, reheel, resew, redo every part of the shoe.  I can remember the ugly thread and the big soles while I begged for new shoes.  That didn't happen.  He's was there when my kids were wearing out shoes.  What ever happened to going barefoot?  We didn't wear out shoes as my kids did because when we got home from school, mama made us take our shoes off.  This building has since closed, but my memories and anyone in the litte railroad town will remember Mr. Ralph.  The sewing machine, leather, heavy thread and old shoes still remain.

   As I child, I don't remember this building. Some say it was a bank.  Some say it was a hotel.  I should have checked the history books.  However, at one time it was an art gallery and frame shop for local artists.  It also housed a few antiques. 

Norfolk Southern doesn't by any mean resemble the Nancy Hank that took us to Gordon and Macon, GA, but couldn't talk about my hometown without a train.

This old building housed cotton.  The Cotton Mill was the big industry in our town.  If the grant goes through, this may be made into a museum.

Until next time, I'll be working on the railroad:)

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Cracked Ironstone and Great Patina

The carport is almost clear...almost.

   The clutter is almost gone...almost.

       My hubby is looking at me!

            "Well, at least it's clean!"

                 "Will be out of the house and in the shop...tomorrow!" 

                       "Yeah, right!"

                            Well, everything but the Ironstone and the Patina Shelf...

I found this little shelf/medicine cabinet at the shop next door.  I tried to buy it a few weeks ago and she wanted $10!  Although worth 10 bucks, I wasn't about to budge.  Went back yesterday and I had picked up an enamel soap dish that she didn't know was there for $4.  She wanted it.  I wouldn't budge.  Then she remembered the shelf.  "How 'bout I trade you the soap dish for the shelf."  "DEAL!"  So here it is!  Love, love, love it!  I'm not a photographer so you can't see, but the patina is PINK!

While I was there I added to my collection of favorite ironstone and white pieces.  The cups were "Japan,"  the creamer and sugar were "Pier One," and the other stuff was too old to mark.  I buy what I love, not what it's worth.

The bowl was cracked and discolored, but I loved it!  I bought it recently at a "high cotton" antique store and paid too much for it, $15!  They call me "$5 Bonnie," because I usually won't pay over $5 for anything!  I think I bought the one here for $2.

Love the old nails, don't you?

As I promised, I'm clearing everything away.  "Happy, Honey?"  

Monday, February 20, 2012

Broken Pieces Made Beautiful

I've taken a few weeks off to pause and reflect.  Blogging had become an obsession and I really only want the Lord to my most magnificant obsession.  

Upon my return, I stopped in to see Lynn from Cottage and Creek, one of my favorite places to visit.
Overcome with emotions as I read her thoughts, I decided to share some thoughts of my own...
After tending the shop on Saturday, I was ready for a respite.  One of my forms of entertainment is going to auctions...such a great place to socialize and find some "good, clean fun," as my mama would say.
I left with, in the opinion of my husbnd, "a bunch of junk."  He hates clutter and as you can see my carport is full of what appears to be "junk."
It reminds me of a song that I sang in youth choir as a teenager...
"Something beautiful, something good, all my confusion He understood.  All I had to offer Him was brokenness and strife, but He made something beautiful out of my life.

The verse goes like this..."If ever there were dreams that were lofty and noble, they were my dreams at the start.  And the hope for life's best were the hopes that I harbored down deep in my heart. But my dreams turned to ashes; my castles all crumbled; my fortune turned to loss.  So, I wrapped them up in the rags of my life and laid them at the cross...

And He's making..."Something beautiful, something good.  All my confusion, He understood.  All I had to offer Him was brokeness and strife, but He's making something beautiful out of my life..."

I need to post a sign to all those who pass by, "Under construction."  You see, our lives are like the song goes, many times broken and in need of repair.  What others see as junk, God sees as beauty...Whatever is broken, He will mend. 
Maybe the sign that I wear should be, "He's still working on me."  Because He is.

In a few days, the junk and the clutter will be gone and the finished project will be beautiful.  Isn't that just like God?