Wednesday, February 29, 2012

A Lady Plunders!

Plundering was something my mama never allowed me to do.  She was a lady in every measure of the word.  Don't get me wrong.  She wasn't prissy.  She wasn't stuffy.  She was real and she knew how to have fun, but there were just some things that a "lady" did not do.
Mama's Rules for Ladies:

1.  A lady never slams doors, drawers, or windows.

2.  A lady doesn't look through another lady's purse-especially when that lady is your mom!  You were only allowed to "plunder" in her purse when she told you to.  And you were only to look in which compartment she said to look in.  She knew exactly what was in each.  She had a place for gum and peppermint candy.  These were commodities!  She had a place for her handerchief, her "billfold", her pill box, her note get the point.

3.  A lady never calls a gentleman first!  And, that gentlemen must be a gentleman which meant he couldn't blow the horn for you to come out.  He had to come to the door.  He didn't "drop" you off.  He had to walk you to the door.

4.  A lady never sits in the car with her gentleman.  If you want to sit and talk, there was enough room around the table or in the den with the rest of the family.  Mama was old-fashioned, but she wasn't stupid.  She allowed us some privacy when she knew that she was a room away.

5.  A lady never allowed a gentleman in her bedroom.  NEVER!

6.  A lady never plunders in someone else's stuff.  OOPS!  I guess that did it for me-especially when it comes to junk.  Is junking the same thing as plundering???

Today I went plundering again-in the back room of my friend's Beauty Shop-the same shop where I found the shell bowl. 

Today I found the greatest iron candlestick!  Can I have it?  She said, "Sure."  She's been quite ageeable lately.  Two times in a row.  Maybe I'll go for broke.  In my plundering, I spotted a set of glasses in a white wire basket.  Ahhhh.  Divine.  Can I have it?  I'll pay for it?  Can I?  I really only want the wire basket.  Ok, ok.  I've gone too far!

Well, sometimes a lady just has to plunder!

Is this not a great find?

Gotta get off and get ready for Nashville in hopes that my husband will let me plunder a little along the way!

Happy Hunting!


  1. Plunder away. I have seen those glasses in that tray thing. Thanks for your comment today. I cannot imagine you being strong willed...wink. Wait til I tell you what happened was wonderful and God did what he does best.

  2. Can't wait to hear! I'm off to Nasvhille:)


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