Thursday, February 23, 2012

My Little Railroad Town

It was somewhat overcast today, and the early morning air felt wonderful.

So, I decided to take a walk about and around my little railroad town in Georgia.  It felt like home and I was overwhelmed with nostalgia.

I believe this sign has been painted in the past 20 years because I don't remember it from my childhood days.  And anyway, the paint would be more cracked with more patina.  However, I'm a big fan of Coke signs.  

Mr. Ralph's Shoe Shop is supported by the Coke wall.  Mr. Ralph was a cobbler and we revisited him several times a year.  Being a poor, preacher man's kid, we only got 4 pair of shoes each year-"Sunday" shoes and "everyday" shoes, before school started and Easter.  Mr. Ralph would resole, reheel, resew, redo every part of the shoe.  I can remember the ugly thread and the big soles while I begged for new shoes.  That didn't happen.  He's was there when my kids were wearing out shoes.  What ever happened to going barefoot?  We didn't wear out shoes as my kids did because when we got home from school, mama made us take our shoes off.  This building has since closed, but my memories and anyone in the litte railroad town will remember Mr. Ralph.  The sewing machine, leather, heavy thread and old shoes still remain.

   As I child, I don't remember this building. Some say it was a bank.  Some say it was a hotel.  I should have checked the history books.  However, at one time it was an art gallery and frame shop for local artists.  It also housed a few antiques. 

Norfolk Southern doesn't by any mean resemble the Nancy Hank that took us to Gordon and Macon, GA, but couldn't talk about my hometown without a train.

This old building housed cotton.  The Cotton Mill was the big industry in our town.  If the grant goes through, this may be made into a museum.

Until next time, I'll be working on the railroad:)

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  1. The shoe store story is just so sweet and full of nostalgia. That bank building has gorgeous wood doors.


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