Friday, February 24, 2012

What's a Girl to Do With a Piece of Junk?

In this business of junkin'
sometimes you really do get JUNK!
Not the kind of junk that you can make into a treasure,

I'd really wanted an old sewing machine, the pedal kind like my granny had.  Well, really the cabinet and the pedal. 
Early one morning- I think I must have been on my caffiene fast-a guy pulls up in front of the store and I almost peed my pants!
It was better than I could have imagined...I must have been imaging!!!
The detail was fabulous!  Ornate wood carvings.  He pulled out the drawers to show me how they swung open and had a compartment for each spool of thread.  He even showed me the vintage sewing notions that were still inside. 
I was captivated.
He had 2.  I wanted the ornate one.  He said $125 for both.  I said $45 for one.  He said, "No Deal."
Oh well, maybe next time. 

An hour later...

"How about $75 for both?"

"How about $50 for one?"


Should have known if he couldn't sell it across the tracks, it was no good. 
I didn't examine the merchandise.  I was busy with customers.  Didn't even give it a second glance when he and his guys took it to the back.  Just excited to have my machine.


Ugh!!!  I almost screamed!  I think I did pee my pants!  Rotton wood, rusty pedal, and peeling veneer!  Well, okay, I'll savage the ornate details.  Uggh!  Crumbled in my hands. 

For you gals, that are salvage queens, what's a girl to do with this piece of junk?  Any ideas????
Pray do share!!! 

Did not dare photo the piece of junk.  Maybe I will tomorrow, if I can bear it. 

Today, was a quiet day at the shop.  A perfect day to move everything last time.
One last time, this week!
I love the pink clock.  Didn't really capture what I wanted you to see.  The little compartment thingy on top is a plastic pink jewelry holder out of a store display case.  I've got more!  I'm gonna have fun with these.
There's also a pink frog on the top shelf-the first one I've ever gotten my hands on.  The ceramic dresser box is not marked, but was an estate find of a 100 year old lady who kept everything!  I've had it for 5 years. The lid has a colonial lady and gentleman painted on it.  I'll try to remember to share a close up later.   Can't believe it hasn't sold.  I've put it away only to bring it out again just because it makes me smile.  The pink vase I've had on hand for awhile too.  Both are marked at $5!  Can't believe I still have them.  Both are old!
Once again, the step latter is my favorite for displays-adds height and draws attention!  It was my mama's! Some may call it "Junk."  Now this....a REAL treasure!


  1. I love the clock. Sometimes I but things way too fast too. It is easy to do that. I am up at 1:30 in the morning-must go to bed=getting up at 6am. I had way too much coffee because of the cold temps.

  2. Thanks for always commenting and following me. It encourages me to keep doing it. I really do it as a way of expression and I find such pleasure in reading about the things I love. Hope you survived the kids:0


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