Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Cracked Ironstone and Great Patina

The carport is almost clear...almost.

   The clutter is almost gone...almost.

       My hubby is looking at me!

            "Well, at least it's clean!"

                 "Will be out of the house and in the shop...tomorrow!" 

                       "Yeah, right!"

                            Well, everything but the Ironstone and the Patina Shelf...

I found this little shelf/medicine cabinet at the shop next door.  I tried to buy it a few weeks ago and she wanted $10!  Although worth 10 bucks, I wasn't about to budge.  Went back yesterday and I had picked up an enamel soap dish that she didn't know was there for $4.  She wanted it.  I wouldn't budge.  Then she remembered the shelf.  "How 'bout I trade you the soap dish for the shelf."  "DEAL!"  So here it is!  Love, love, love it!  I'm not a photographer so you can't see, but the patina is PINK!

While I was there I added to my collection of favorite ironstone and white pieces.  The cups were "Japan,"  the creamer and sugar were "Pier One," and the other stuff was too old to mark.  I buy what I love, not what it's worth.

The bowl was cracked and discolored, but I loved it!  I bought it recently at a "high cotton" antique store and paid too much for it, $15!  They call me "$5 Bonnie," because I usually won't pay over $5 for anything!  I think I bought the one here for $2.

Love the old nails, don't you?

As I promised, I'm clearing everything away.  "Happy, Honey?"  


  1. It all looks sensational together! Love that chippy shelf! Good score!

  2. It is all beautiful. The cabinet is gorgeous.

  3. What a sweet little shelf, Bonnie! And how clever of you to make a trade for it! I'm right there with you in the won't-pay-more-than-$5 mindset. I've never really thought about it, but it's true that I'm pretty free in the $1.98 - $3.98 price range, but higher than that and I hesitate. Loved seeing your pretty things.
    Lynn at Cottage and Creek


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