Sunday, September 25, 2016

Amy's Vintage Sale

Our internet service is pitiful. Again, I'm having to post via my iPhone and reading is difficult because I have to sign in with each comment. 

Anyway, I certainly want to share with you my drive to Tullahoma to Amy's Farmhouse Dreams Vintage Sale. It was fabulous! I left my phone in the car so no pictures. Sniff. Sniff.

Amy is such a great hostess. She and her children are so inviting. The first time I met her, I felt like I'd known her forever. It was the same at this year's sale. Last year she had a yard sale. This year she sold the entire Yard! I'm not kidding. It was fabulous! She is truly a great designer. She scurried around the whole time, moving things here and moving things there. Her yard was a masterpiece, not a regular old barn sale.

The long and winding road to get there afforded me the perfect opportunity to pause and reflect.

I found myself with great anticipation for what was just around the bend.

A farmer on a tractor.

Freshly cut hay.

Bales of hay.

Peeking over a fence to catch a shot of an old barn. It was so breathtaking and I stood in awe of God's creation. I even felt  tears sting my eyes while looking at the dried vine on the fence. That's what happens when we're not connected to the vine, we dry up and die. Maybe I was so emotional because I so needed this object lesson.
I brought home so many goodies, Fenton glass vase, a porcelain dresser box, a milk glass vase.

Beautiful table scarf.

Several pieces of ironstone,

Including this great bowl.

The wooden box was my favorite, rusty nails and this...
Yes, the bottom was out, but it will work nicely with tin cans filled with art supplies for the kids or small pumpkins or small cans of herbs.

Displays will follow.
Visit Amy at
She is an event stylist, specializing in vintage, rustic chic. 
Most importantly, she is a Daughter of The King.

I refuse to say I am sick again. I declare health and healing. I have a job interview/orientation if I choose to accept. Not feeling it right now. Thanks for your prayers.

Friday, September 23, 2016

Window Shopping

I am in Louisville, KY for a few days. My Son-in-law's precious Grandaddy, 90 years old passed away. I have been keeping Harper. She's such a live wire right now so it would be impossible for her to sit through the service. However, she's such a comfort and joy to her GiGi. She's with the family now and I'm catching a little break.

The past few weeks I've enjoyed
meandering around the square in Lebanon. I'm finding more and more little pickin' places. I'm usually just window shopping.

This window caught my eye.

Both of the chests, I could have just loaded up and taken home. Oh yeah, I'm just window shopping.

I'm just loving the robin egg blues. This booth is nicely done. The banner was not for sale. It added a nice touch. Don't you think?

I really want this vanity. My granny had one like it and we'd play house for days in the front room of her house. There was a pot bellied stove in the room and we pretended to cook on it. It was never heated and the room was always cold in the Winter. 

I love all the color but of course I would have painted the frames white or navy, pink or gray.

I enjoyed my day of window shopping. I didn't buy a thing.

Care to come along with me next time?

Monday, September 19, 2016

Fall Craft Camp

I am sitting here just about to cry
over this job application process. 

My internet is slow.
I sat here praying it would connect
and when it did, it would not upload my resume.
When it finally, uploaded, it wasn't recieved, aceepted or something.

Or something...
That means, who knows???

So, once again, I'd rather be blogging. 

My weekend was filled with watching
my boy play soccer in the rain, 
no umbrella, yeah!

Fun!  Seriously!
How long has it been since you've played in the rain?

Who leaves their umbrella home when the prediction is rain?
We were drenched but we had a good time.

After the game, we went to Burger King, drenched and freezing.
Fun too!

Next stop, Hobby Lobby and on to the church.
Decorated our Sunday School Class. 
That was fun too and for another blog post.

Came home and went back to the church at 5:00
for Fall Craft Camp. 

Our Children's pastor makes a great presentation!
I honestly wanted to strip the table of the quilts, 
especially the one on the left!

She stores old baskets of fabric in a vintage suitcase. 

Milk glass vases and cola crates hold art supplies.

Don't you love the crate that holds the craft paint?

More supplies and fabric and wire baskets and milk glass.
Love, love, love it as much as the crafts!

Bars of Soap
Purchase blocks of soap from Hobby Lobby.
Cut into squares and melt individually in a microwave for 25 seconds.
Add a few drops of essential oil or a scoop of pumpkin spice, whichever fragrance you prefer.
Pour into mold for ??? minutes until firm.
Make it pretty.

Okay, so we cheated.  Didn't use the meat grease that our grannies used.

Another cutie.

I just brought mine home as is and put them in 
a bowl of ironstone, some in bathroom
and the other in the kitchen.

Next, we made memo boards or picture boards, 
whichever your preference. 


Take out glass of old picture frame and cover 
cardboard with your choice of fabric.

Paint and decorate the frame.

Put glass back in when paint is dry.

Use as wall art or memo board.

I'll share mine later. 

I got a little distracted by a glue gun.
I was making rosettes, 
twisting and turning and gluing.

Needless to say, obviously I don't know the danger
of a high temp hot glue gun or I didn't listen to our instructor.

There was a huge blister from below one digit
on my ring finger to the second digit 
and a blister on the thumb of my other hand.
I was finished for the night. 
It was the jumping-up-and-down kind of pain!
Yes, the crazy one would be me!

This was after applying Nerium and popping the blister.

Lastly, we used wood pallets to create a wall hanging. 
This is mine and yet to be completed. 

I was done for the night.

Friday, September 16, 2016

Mid-Centry, Modern, Industrial Eclectic Hair Salon

I have an appointment today 
to get my hair done at 
The Professional Salon School.

My hairdresser will be a young girl 
who just graduated from high school in May.
She's the daughter of one of my church friends. 

No this is not it!

I went browsing around the square. 

This little hair shop was screaming at me!

NO, the sun would not cooperate.

Join me inside for a better view.

Is this not inviting?

Can I please take this corner home with me???

Let's talk the epitome of class!

A mix of mid-century, industrial and modern, 
in every corner. 

There were three or four huge glass chandeliers!
The renovation must have cost a small fortune.
The owner said this was a dream, all she 
had envisioned it to be. 
Can you imagine living this dream?

The tin ceiling was the original.
The owner said it took 5 coats of paint. 

Uhhhh!  I want to work here!

Not do hair!  Shoot, I'd sweep the hair, just 
to get to work in the electric eclectic atmosphere!

I could greet clients and make appointments. 
Don't you think?

Shoot!  I may work here just to get my hair done 
and get free jewelry. 
That's where my money would probably go anyway!

Ooooh!  I new idea for my room!

Yes, I think I've found my future employment!

No, just teasing!
No one's hiring
and again, 
I'm not qualified. 

I hope you enjoyed the tour. 
Now, I've got to go get a shower
and get my hair done. 

Thursday, September 15, 2016

Little Pops of Fall

Ok, so here's the deal.

I'm sitting here in PJs-FUN!

No coffee in the house-NOT fun!

It's 1:00 pm, TN time-FUN!

Filling out on-line job applications-NOT FUN!

Not getting up until 10:00 am-FUN

Colon pain and spams until 4:00am-NOT FUN!

Taking the good with the bad, 
and I had to take a break. 

Completed an on-line application and 
realized that my last name is
BHitchcock and had to start all over again, 
but I'm not starting all over again-yet.
I'm here in Blogland.

My password was bhitch for a long time 
and inadvertently someone would leave out the h.
Hee! Hee!

That's how the receptionist at 
Trevecca Nazarene University remembers me. 
No. No. No.
Not as a witch with a B, 
but for the password.

What's with these ramblings??? 

No, I've not taken any pain medicine. 
It's just me!

I took a little detour yesterday 
while job-searching. 

I went to Kirklands. 

I found some great little deals. 
My budget was $20.
I spent $22.

The flag was $10!  $10!!!
I spent more than that on the make-sift 
tacky thing I did before. 

The store was full of the sights and scents of Fall!


I'm adding little pops of Fall to my home. 

I must say, I am liking the little bits of orange.
Very natural, I'd say. 

"Give Thanks," was $6.

I bought a couple of wax melt packs 
for $3 each,
Pumpkin Patch and Spiced Pumpkin Latte.

Doesn't that smell good?
So, I can pretend I've got coffee on, right?

I worked at the church on Monday and Tuesday. 
I'd love to have a part-time, 2 days a week job.
I can pray, right?

I miss those GA cottonfields.

Thanks for dropping by.

Happy Fall Ya'll--soon, I hope!