Thursday, September 15, 2016

Little Pops of Fall

Ok, so here's the deal.

I'm sitting here in PJs-FUN!

No coffee in the house-NOT fun!

It's 1:00 pm, TN time-FUN!

Filling out on-line job applications-NOT FUN!

Not getting up until 10:00 am-FUN

Colon pain and spams until 4:00am-NOT FUN!

Taking the good with the bad, 
and I had to take a break. 

Completed an on-line application and 
realized that my last name is
BHitchcock and had to start all over again, 
but I'm not starting all over again-yet.
I'm here in Blogland.

My password was bhitch for a long time 
and inadvertently someone would leave out the h.
Hee! Hee!

That's how the receptionist at 
Trevecca Nazarene University remembers me. 
No. No. No.
Not as a witch with a B, 
but for the password.

What's with these ramblings??? 

No, I've not taken any pain medicine. 
It's just me!

I took a little detour yesterday 
while job-searching. 

I went to Kirklands. 

I found some great little deals. 
My budget was $20.
I spent $22.

The flag was $10!  $10!!!
I spent more than that on the make-sift 
tacky thing I did before. 

The store was full of the sights and scents of Fall!


I'm adding little pops of Fall to my home. 

I must say, I am liking the little bits of orange.
Very natural, I'd say. 

"Give Thanks," was $6.

I bought a couple of wax melt packs 
for $3 each,
Pumpkin Patch and Spiced Pumpkin Latte.

Doesn't that smell good?
So, I can pretend I've got coffee on, right?

I worked at the church on Monday and Tuesday. 
I'd love to have a part-time, 2 days a week job.
I can pray, right?

I miss those GA cottonfields.

Thanks for dropping by.

Happy Fall Ya'll--soon, I hope!


  1. Love your finds from Kirklands. I've not heard of that store. The fall touches are so pretty. It makes me want to go ahead and begin a bit of fall decorating when it feels like mid summer outside. Good luck as you restart the application. I'll be praying for that part time 2 day a week job for you!

  2. Two dollars over are grounded little lady. :):) I laughed about your post today. Bless your heart honey, I hope you can get a nice job you like and isn't all time consuming. Love the sign and cotton. Blessings, xoxo, Susie

  3. Oh you have me laughing, you are too funny!! I like your Fall touches....that's all I put out, touches, and it will stay that way till December. Then the biggest decorating Is Christmas which is up for ONE month, six weeks tops.....just isn't right! :)
    I hope you find the right fit for employment. My hubby hated the online applications and he filled out (or had someone do it for him!!) tons of them. No more face to face contacts...crazy.
    Enjoy your evening, my friend. It's beautiful here in PA!

  4. You found cute things while you were out! Did you buy any coffee??!!

  5. I am SO wanting to know why you didn't have coffee!!! That's just unheard of - to be out of coffee!!
    I'm new to Kirklands and I just love that place!
    Hope you get a good night's sleep with NO pains or spasms!!

  6. Anything fall makes me happy!!!!
    Looks lovely, my friend.
    Fell well and have a cozy weekend.

  7. Girlfriend, you gotta have coffee! :) I think you did well shopping and the items are great...both in appearance and cost. I hope you feel better and find a job you love.


  8. Love the pops of Fall around your house, Bonnie. The "Give Thanks" block is delightful. Yes, the white little pumpkins are so cute, but it's just not the same for me unless I put out an orange pumpkin. Your rambling post made me smile, Bonnie. :)

    love, ~Sheri


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