Friday, September 9, 2016

Be Ye Glad

What's ringing in my ears this morning?

Be ye glad, oh, be ye glad. 
Every debt that you've ever had,
Has been paid up in full
By the grace of the Lord.
Be ye glad, be ye glad, be ye glad. 

An acapella group, GLAD, recorded
this song in the 80's.

Perfect harmonies uniting
the hymns and  contemporary
in acapella.
I can't say "without music"
because this is truly "music."

I haven't thought about this song in forever.

I think God is wanting me to "be glad."

"Rejoice in the Lord always, 
and again, I say, 'Rejoice.'"

I went for the job interview and was totally humilited.
Well, I won't really admit to total humiliation.
Maybe I should say I was embarresed a little bit
or taken back to those days as a young child 
when I couldn't get the math questions right
and the dreaded IQ test or scolded because I 
"didn't follow directions."

I know, I know. 
I have issues. 
Been to therapy more times than you'd like to know.

First of all, I was shocked to be handed a "little test."
What?  A floral shop?
I thought my job would consist of 
arranging flower (I can do!)
smiling and greeting customers (I can do well.)
making deliveries (I can do with a smile.)

No, no. 
Every transaction is done on paper.
No I didn't say, "paperLESS."
Old school, Math by hand.

No program, thus the need for a math test. 

I didn't follow directions very well.
I had to create numbers for the "word problems."
Anybody else hate "word problems?"

Long story short, 
part of the test was to see if I would follow directions.
I totally ignored the part where deliveries 
could not be made if the transaction was under $25.
Shoot,  I delivered everything and had an invoice to boot!

I don't know if I even got it right.
I just know that she was ready to dismiss 
me when she realized I hadn't followed directions well. 

Does anyone else ever try to put something together 
without reading the directions first. 
That would be me.

A character flaw, I guess.

Anyway, she said "Maybe you're not a very good fit."

To which I replied, 
"Give me a call if you decide you want someone to 
arrange the floor and make deliveries.  I know I can do that well."

So, in the end, I defended myself, with a smile at that!
I guess that is cause to be glad. 

Enough of that. 
The enemy can't take back what I've already claimed!

So, I will be thankful.

Christina, my daughter-in-love, 
already has her Fall decorations out. 

She loves it!
I always like what she does. 

It's her, my, OUR favorite time of year. 
While I enjoy my whites and neutrals, 
I get to enjoy the colors of Fall 
while I'm in their home. 

She too is adjusting to a new, larger home
and is missing the first home that she and Chad 
built together. 

It's crazy, but bigger is not always better, 
especially when you've put so much
love and time into the first.

My first was the first for 30 years. 
So yes, it's hard. 

During this time of adjustment and transition, 
I will choose to be glad!
I will choose thanksgiving.

I'm going to GA this weekend 
to take Christy to rehearsal for 
this years, WCHS theatre show/reunion 
The show will raise money for the high school program.
Over 100 alumni will be participating. 

I won't make the show this year, 
so I'll enjoy the rehearsal. 

Have a good weekend. 
I'll be away.

While I'll enjoy September, 
I anticipate October. 


  1. I do like your ending remark at the end of the interview. I think the floral shop lady missed a great opportunity with you. Have a great week end in Georgia.

  2. Bonnie, Sorry about that job...but I like the way you left it. I think we can fall in love with our home...for so many reasons...mostly the raising of children and all the love it held. I still miss my old house in town. I lived there a long time. I drove by my mom's old place yesterday...because today she has been gone 10 years..I miss her and her house. Blessings, xoxo, Susie

  3. I applied for a floral job and then I saw they just hired 'young young girls'. Will they be responsible?

  4. Oh Bonnie.....I've been there done that. Years ago I was put in a room to complete a math test and other related items. It was for a receptionist job for heavens sake. How much math do you need to answer a phone. Any way, I got so frustrated, in the space for an explanation to a problem. I just decided to write a novel. I story I made up on the fly which lasted several paragraphs and I don't even remember now what it said.
    I handed it to the lady, said "I don't think this is what I'm looking for" and walked out. I never heard from them of course...hope they like the story.

    I haven't taken out any Fall decorations which is not like me....but I've been in a blog funk....just haven't had motivation for decorating for blogging. I'm not sure why, cause I not sick or depressed...just in a blog funk...Ever had one of those. But was missing my blog friends so decided to visit everyone today. Glad I did. You lifted my spirits. Love and Hugs

  5. Do not let anyone steal your joy! Good for you! I love the saying.......
    Until God opens the door, just praise him in the hall!
    He has a plan for you! Glad you are holding out for it!

  6. Love how you ended the interview! Maybe the owner should have been looking for strengths rather than weaknesses! She might find someone who follows directions well, but has the personality of a gnat. Oh well, God has greater things in store for you!

  7. I would call that job interview a success because you did say something...shaking my head over the "test". I am reminded everyday that the job market is a young persons, not us older folks...sigh.

    Love the fall decorations...have a beautiful and safe weekend. smiles

  8. Oh- How awful to be told you are not a 'very good fit'...maybe THAT is the place that is not a very good 'fit' for you! Just keep trying and the perfect job will find you.

    Fun to see your DIL's fall decorations. Have a great weekend- xo Diana

  9. Oh Dear Bonnie, I am sure I would of flunked it because I usually start the project before I reall all the directions. But I am now lwarning to read all the way through before I answer. But you made me smile. I don't think theu would of been sorry for hiring you as you have great taste!
    Hugs xo

    1. Now can you see the humor in the rushing through to comment LOL See we all can fall into that category...

  10. Your daughter-in-law's Fall décor is so charming. Love the mantel. We've lived in a huge house with a large pool and a small house with a small back yard, and I prefer downsizing in my older years. It's so much easier to care for. You're right, bigger is not always better. :)



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