Monday, September 19, 2016

Fall Craft Camp

I am sitting here just about to cry
over this job application process. 

My internet is slow.
I sat here praying it would connect
and when it did, it would not upload my resume.
When it finally, uploaded, it wasn't recieved, aceepted or something.

Or something...
That means, who knows???

So, once again, I'd rather be blogging. 

My weekend was filled with watching
my boy play soccer in the rain, 
no umbrella, yeah!

Fun!  Seriously!
How long has it been since you've played in the rain?

Who leaves their umbrella home when the prediction is rain?
We were drenched but we had a good time.

After the game, we went to Burger King, drenched and freezing.
Fun too!

Next stop, Hobby Lobby and on to the church.
Decorated our Sunday School Class. 
That was fun too and for another blog post.

Came home and went back to the church at 5:00
for Fall Craft Camp. 

Our Children's pastor makes a great presentation!
I honestly wanted to strip the table of the quilts, 
especially the one on the left!

She stores old baskets of fabric in a vintage suitcase. 

Milk glass vases and cola crates hold art supplies.

Don't you love the crate that holds the craft paint?

More supplies and fabric and wire baskets and milk glass.
Love, love, love it as much as the crafts!

Bars of Soap
Purchase blocks of soap from Hobby Lobby.
Cut into squares and melt individually in a microwave for 25 seconds.
Add a few drops of essential oil or a scoop of pumpkin spice, whichever fragrance you prefer.
Pour into mold for ??? minutes until firm.
Make it pretty.

Okay, so we cheated.  Didn't use the meat grease that our grannies used.

Another cutie.

I just brought mine home as is and put them in 
a bowl of ironstone, some in bathroom
and the other in the kitchen.

Next, we made memo boards or picture boards, 
whichever your preference. 


Take out glass of old picture frame and cover 
cardboard with your choice of fabric.

Paint and decorate the frame.

Put glass back in when paint is dry.

Use as wall art or memo board.

I'll share mine later. 

I got a little distracted by a glue gun.
I was making rosettes, 
twisting and turning and gluing.

Needless to say, obviously I don't know the danger
of a high temp hot glue gun or I didn't listen to our instructor.

There was a huge blister from below one digit
on my ring finger to the second digit 
and a blister on the thumb of my other hand.
I was finished for the night. 
It was the jumping-up-and-down kind of pain!
Yes, the crazy one would be me!

This was after applying Nerium and popping the blister.

Lastly, we used wood pallets to create a wall hanging. 
This is mine and yet to be completed. 

I was done for the night.


  1. What a great craft show! The quilts immediately got my attention and I'm with you, I'd choose the one on the left. I had a skirmish with a glue gun a couple years back. Big ol' blister on the inside of my right forearm. Not fun. I hope you can get your computer to cooperate with the job application process!

  2. Bonnie, Please don't be mad...but sometimes you just make me laugh...not the pain you got from the hot glue...but the jumping up and down ...that would have been me too. I wish I could have crafted with you. Such cute ideas. Blessings to you, xoxo, Susie

  3. Our Computer has been to the doctor again ,like having child or a pet
    but we love it.
    Great post today, enjoyed it.

  4. I had a problem with loading up my resume, I got so discussed I mailed the resume to the address. Never heard from them, they probably thought I could not use a computer.

  5. Sorry about the hot glue thing, I think most all of us have done that at least once (or more)! What a fun craft night, and yes, she sure knows how to display her supplies! Blessings, Cindy xo PS: Hope your computer is being nicer and allowing you to send your resume!

  6. I've been in a position to interview people as well as being interviewed. I think it's convenient to have the resumes sent in online but I think it's very impersonal. 98% of the time one never hears zip from the company ~ very frustrating!

    You had such a busy day...I'm not sure I could have made it to the craft fair. :) Lots of goodies but I'm sorry you burned yourself! Yes, it of those jumping up & down hurts.


  7. {{{Big smiles}}}---and grr on the application.

  8. Morning, wow!!!!!! I want the quilts too!!!!! What a great booth, I love it all!!!! Been burnt many times by those glue guns, hope you heal fast.Hugs Francine.


  9. the Pastor sure does have an eye for decorating. Love her style. Craft night sounds like fun,,,,,but sorry about the burn.

  10. What a great craft show! Oh my on the glue gun burns! Girl...I know what you felt. I've burnt myself more times than I can count. Hoping things get better with the internet! That can be a pain too! Hugs and blessings, Cindy

  11. Wow girl! You've been busy! What a great bunch of fun crafts items....LOVE the soaps and I bet they smelled fabulous! About that question about when was the last time I "played" in the rain? Read my soon to be posted post about my beach trip although you may have seen some of the pics on facebook :) I know that burn hurt like mad but glad it healed so quickly!

  12. The quilts look beautiful and the craft camp looks like fun! Sorry about your internet issues♥


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