Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Will the United States Destory Itself?

I'm overwhelmed with the state of our nation. 
I don't have much knowlege about political
and world events. 
I have never been a historian 
(sorry Linda).
I admire those who are, but history bores me.

I said all of that to say this, 
I need to "know."

I hate the news.  I don't trust the media.
I don't like our choices for the presidency
anymore than I liked the choices 4 and 8 years ago.
If that offends you, I'm sorry.

I am doing a Bible Study, Without Rival by Lisa Bevere.
In her book she talks about rivalry 
and comparison and competition. 
She talks particularly about how comparison is destructive
within the body of believers.

She shares something that pricked my attention
as it pertains to the state of our country.

Decades ago a book was written that suggested that the end of the world as we know it would be brought about by wide-spread alienation.  It theorized that the time would come when the world would be divided into two opposing camps or trains of thought.  When this climate of widespread division existed, then it would be no small thing to incite opposing factions into attacking one another until we experienced a full-blown apocalypse. 

So being the ADHD teacher/thinker that I am, 
I googled, 
"Will there be another Civil War in the USA?"

My mind was all over the place and I declare 
I went from article to article more confused than ever. 

John Paul Jackson, a prophet, not by his own proclamation, 
wrote a vision he entitled, 
The Perfect Storm. 

YouTube it. 
He passed away a short time ago, 
but he's a godly man that I followed and believed in. 

He saw the United States as divided against itself 
and he said that some would try to make it about 
race, but it would not be.

He never called himself a prophet. 
He didn't "predict" as some would call it. 
Instead, he shared his dreams and visions. 

Some will scoff at my search among today's Christian teachers. 
Although, I trust very few, 
I have actually been reading his writings for several years
and find there to be truth in his teachings. 

I don't know what these ramblings are all about. 
I don't really fear what might be. 

I just don't know if we are not experiencing 
some of the birth pangs that Jesus talked about 
in Matthew 23 and 24.

What are your feelings?

In a crazy, changing world, 
I'm glad I know WHOSE I am.


  1. Bonnie, I totally understand what you are saying. Something is coming. I have placed so little significance in the presidential election this year because I know that is not where the fix is. I know who I am voting for but, for me, it is the lesser of the two evils. I have also seen some Youtubes of John Paul Jackson and have always felt that he was right on the money. Perry Stone is another one although you have to weigh everything you hear by the Word of God and the Holy Spirit. Unfortunately, as I read and study prophecy and what is happening to day, I do get fearful. I have to step back and remind myself that nothing happening is taking God by surprise. In His eyes, things aren't falling apart but falling together. I think the that US is overdue for God's judgement and it will happen eventually. I admire Anne Graham Lotz who brings people together to repent and pray for our nation. Perhaps, if we repent collectively, God will stay His hand. Good post, Bonnie.

  2. Good questions! I feel the same way but I know who is in control and who I should be following. I don't understand or know enough to do enough so I have to trust that even though this country is falling into shambles, my walk is predicted by the Lord and He will have his way in my life no matter what the rest of the world is doing. That may sound like I don't care about world events......but as a believer I am only to trust the one Whose I Am and leave all the rest to Him.

  3. You know Bonnie, I have taken NO offense to you not liking History {{giggling}} can be overwhelming...let me simplify this...all this ---what is going on, is in the Bible. I trust that more than I trust the government. Whatever happens, happens...smiles.

    Quit worrying...God has it. smiles

  4. I also trust the Bible and see it coming to life more and more these days. I am thankful to know who is in control because it sure isn't our leaders. Enjoy your evening my friend. Hugs

  5. I agree - I think we are living in the end times. I worry about our grandkids and the world they will live in. I'm not happy with the election either - voting for the lesser of 2 evils!

  6. Bonnie, If we study the Old Testament, we read pretty close to the same things went on then that go on now, minus the social network and the media. I worry about our Country; I tire of the venom being spewed and fear mongering. Then, I remember who is really in control. It is in God's hands, "If God is for us, who can be against us". Sleep well!


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