Saturday, September 3, 2016

My Birthday Week

My birthday week has been a whirlwind. 
I kept baby girl two nights-
not spend-the-night nights, 
just late evenings.
Monday evening, I got home at 9:00.

Tuesday evening, I had a LulaRoe party 
and got free clothes. 

Because big mamas want to look good too, 
I've decided to wear what I like.
The camera only reveals what it is!
Scroll and you'll see my outfit.

Wednesday evening was Bible Study.
We are studying the book, 
Armour of God, by Priscilla Shier.
Deep stuff! 

Thursday was my birthday!
I am 56 and proud of it!
Don't mine saying it one bit. 

I got flowers hand-delivered from my baby girl, 
a TJ Maxx gift card, 
and a carrot cake.

Publix ain't bad!
Not mama's, nevertheless yummy!

I wore my big-mama LulaRoe to my birthday dinner.

Of course, our baby girl thought it was her birthday. 

My other babies were at Disney and got in today.
They all have jet-lag. 
They had a ball, but I missed them.

Sorry about the glare, but had to share this picture. 
I think my girl is beautiful.
I love her so much. 
She's my best friend.  She and I have always been close, 
but it gets better as the years go by.

Yesterday was my last day as a full-time sitter.
It's time for me to be just "BonBon."

It's the best!

Last night was a do-nothing night. 
I had planned to clean the house today, 
but had a drop in blood sugar (cake for breakfast!).

It wasn't to the point of dangerous, 59,
but it left me weak and worn out.  

I'm okay.
Needless to say, I didn't clean house. 

Funny story...
(Sorry, this is longer than I thought)

We had my birthday meal at the Gondola House. 
We always took Daddy out on Saturday nights
and he'd always spill his tea.  
Never failed to wet David. 

Troy, our son-in-law, spilled his tea 
and it landed... on David.
Next, the waitress turns over a glass... on David.

We are leaving and our server...
probably in his forties, 
just a little gray in his sideburns, 
tall, dark and get the rest...
comes and rests his arm on the table
between me and a glass of tea.

Maybe I'm dumstruck to be so close to this man.
I'm like, what???
I'd forgotten all about the tea.

I thought he was...
wanting a conversation???
I'm totally for real teasing!!!

I mean he is facing me with his arm rested on the table.
His face is about a foot away from me. 
His arm is touching mine. 
I'm blubbering here. 

I'm thinking, he's trying to show me his smile strength,
keeping those drinks from spilling onto me.

I thought he was flexing his muscle.
Maybe I was just looking too closely. 
I'm still a blubbering mess. 
(No lust, I promise!)

So, I reach over and feel his flex and say something stupid like, 
"Yes, I see that you're a strong man."
He, the waitress, my daughter and husband were laughing like crazy.

"Mam, (he called me mam!) just wanted to make sure
you weren't hit with a glass of tea."

Yes, I was!

I'm a mam to this young man. 
A mam!

I'm sure I've given him a story to share!

Have a good holiday!


Don't judge me!
It was all in fun!


  1. Happy Birthday! It's about time we ladies decide to wear what looks good and is comfortable ! Your outfit is perfect!
    I dearly loved the Tea Story! I would have done the very same thing!

  2. Happy, Happy Birthday and I loveeeee your outfit (you look good, Bon Bon!!!)...and giggling over the waiter...smiles

  3. Happy Birthday! Yes, I love the outfit. Such a pretty color. So funny about the tea spilling. I'm glad you had a good week even though it sure sounded busy.

  4. Happy Birthday! So glad you are enjoying your new home and the grandchildren.
    Life is good!

  5. Poor David needs to avoid all liquids! Love those leggings - you look so cute. Happy belated birthday!

  6. Happy Birthday Bonnie! We are close in age. I'll be 56 on Thanksgiving day. :)
    You look as cute as can be in your LulaRoe!
    Love your birthday dinner story, and I agree that your daughter is beautiful!

  7. Happy Birthday a bit late!! You had a fun celebration and you look adorable! We can wear whatever we want to. :)


  8. Sorry I am just now getting to this! So you already know I love the outfit. I have finally gotten brave enough (within the last year) to wear leggings/jeggings with long tunics at times. I did a little research before hand and googled pics of short, squatty women (like me) wearing them. I decided that I could try it, as long as I kept the tunics long enough to cover my rear end and it didn't really matter how old I was! I have decided I like the look. You look so beautiful in yours! It sounds like your birthday was filled with fun and it should be! The tea debacle was hilarious....are you sure it was just tea that you were drinking???? LOL! You know I'm teasing :)

  9. Happy Belated Birthday, Bonnie! It looks like you had a fantastic day with your loved ones.



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