Sunday, September 25, 2016

Amy's Vintage Sale

Our internet service is pitiful. Again, I'm having to post via my iPhone and reading is difficult because I have to sign in with each comment. 

Anyway, I certainly want to share with you my drive to Tullahoma to Amy's Farmhouse Dreams Vintage Sale. It was fabulous! I left my phone in the car so no pictures. Sniff. Sniff.

Amy is such a great hostess. She and her children are so inviting. The first time I met her, I felt like I'd known her forever. It was the same at this year's sale. Last year she had a yard sale. This year she sold the entire Yard! I'm not kidding. It was fabulous! She is truly a great designer. She scurried around the whole time, moving things here and moving things there. Her yard was a masterpiece, not a regular old barn sale.

The long and winding road to get there afforded me the perfect opportunity to pause and reflect.

I found myself with great anticipation for what was just around the bend.

A farmer on a tractor.

Freshly cut hay.

Bales of hay.

Peeking over a fence to catch a shot of an old barn. It was so breathtaking and I stood in awe of God's creation. I even felt  tears sting my eyes while looking at the dried vine on the fence. That's what happens when we're not connected to the vine, we dry up and die. Maybe I was so emotional because I so needed this object lesson.
I brought home so many goodies, Fenton glass vase, a porcelain dresser box, a milk glass vase.

Beautiful table scarf.

Several pieces of ironstone,

Including this great bowl.

The wooden box was my favorite, rusty nails and this...
Yes, the bottom was out, but it will work nicely with tin cans filled with art supplies for the kids or small pumpkins or small cans of herbs.

Displays will follow.
Visit Amy at
She is an event stylist, specializing in vintage, rustic chic. 
Most importantly, she is a Daughter of The King.

I refuse to say I am sick again. I declare health and healing. I have a job interview/orientation if I choose to accept. Not feeling it right now. Thanks for your prayers.


  1. I pray you are feeling up to the interview and it goes very good for you. I always felt I don't interview very well. Good grief, I conducted loads of interviews for potential staff when I was would think I'd be a pro. Nope :)
    Love the stuff you bought at the sale. I'm gonna look up that site!
    God bless your day, my friend!

  2. I hope that things have worked out with the job etc in a good way. You found some lovely treasures! xx

  3. Oh, I'm just loving all of your fabulous treasures! It looks like a heavenly drive to get to where she is...LOVE those Tennessee back roads...and you know why! I loved your reference to the dried up vine and your take on it. Keep repeating this: I WILL NOT BE SICK, I WILL NOT BE SICK, I WILL NOT BE SICK..... :)

  4. Sorry you are having technical difficulty and that you are not feeling well! I'll be praying for you! Love the vintage sale, I know you had a wonderful time and got some great treasures too! Enjoy your day dear friend, HUGS!

  5. Hugs and love to you...may you be well!!!! You have a good eye for the rustic and antique and what to do with these pieces. I am always at a loss, until someone else puts it to use, then I see it!


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