Thursday, September 8, 2016

Changes for my Grandchilden

My babies and their mommies 
are learning how to deal with change.

This is my first day during a weekday
 that I have been home 
all day in about 8 months. 
I must confes, I miss my baby girl.

She gives the best hugs.
She's a very affectionate child. 
That's what I miss most.
I truly don't get many of those here.
sniff. sniff. 

Her mom called me crying yesterday. 
She was stuck in traffic for almost an hour. 
She had to pay $25 extra,
her babysitters policy. 

Did I mention that I hate this traffic.
It's one of the main reasons, I couldn't continue. 
I was leaving at 6:30 am and not getting home 
until 7:00 pm some days.

Pray for our middle grandchild.
She started a program for 2 year olds. 
The teacher is older and should retire. 
I'm sorry, but what 2 year old can sit still???


A two-year old program 
should be about learning to get along with other children, 
coloring inside the lines, and recess.

Do you agree?

Now, don't get me wrong,
 she is full of personality and strong-willed, 
but she's gonna be fine. 

This one was strong-willed, too.

But he's grown into such a sweet, tender, gentle soul.

They go to the same school.
 and he cries when she gets into trouble.

Chad had a teacher who said he was "Bad."
He started crying one day and cried for a week
and begged not to go back.

I asked him what was wrong.
He said, "I'm bad. My teacher says I am bad."
I explained to him that wrong behavior was not acceptable
but that he was not "bad."

That did it!
I marched my "bad" self up there 
and proceeded to let the powers-that-be know
that I didn't like labels and that I would not accept it.

She retired a few years later. 


  1. I know your heart aches for them! It's hard not to try to fill everyone's needs! I'm having to learn to 'dial it back' these days but it is not easy!
    Your sweeties are adorable!

  2. These transitions are hard for everyone and I know you the little one. That is great that you confronted and complained about the label. Don't grown ups know what they do to little psyches when they put a label like that!

  3. That is the worse thing a teacher can say. A child is bad. Oh I feel for you. I am glad you went to the school.

    I had a teacher with my child. Tell me when he was in grade two. Your child does not know what he wants to be. Pardon I said. We took him out of that school quick. Children in last grade of high-school half the time don't know what they want.
    Never mine in grade two. She said he was too quiet. I said. What do you want him to do. Stand on his desk every morning. Well that child is a man now. And he sure is not quiet. My adults now. Have become what they loved. No problem. Your children are adorable. Kids will be kids. No harm done. Some teachers should never have been teachers.

  4. Teachers like that have no business...just tell that sweet grandboy of yours he is not bad and keep on reinforcing this...oh this makes me so mad...been on that end many times...sigh.

    (sending you big hugs)

  5. Hope the adjustment period is just pray and rest easy now! (Hard, I know!)

  6. Hope the adjustment period is just pray and rest easy now! (Hard, I know!)

  7. I'm sorry she is dealing with that teacher - she shouldn't be teaching, especially 2 year olds!
    I can't imagine dealing with traffic like that.

  8. Hope things work out for your grandkids. I hate hearing about those kinds of negative experiences.

  9. Oh what sweet little ones, changes are hard for everyone. Have a blessed day dear friend, hugs.


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