Monday, February 29, 2016

Women of Covenant Fellowship

What a beautiful day for the beginning 
of a the week, 
and a great ending of a beautiful weekend. 

I had the wonder and privilege of bringing the Word 
to this precious group of ladies of
Covenant Fellowship Church of the Nazarene. 

These ladies truly live up to their name,

We laughed together and cried together.

We listened as God spoke to us.

We were led by incredible women
who have the gift and heart of giving.

He created together.

We shared our talents.

We all
worked together to create gifts to give to others 
to encourage them in the faith.

I was so proud of my daughter-in-law who led the music, 
planned and implemented the event. 
She is truly a blessing.

I saw God work through the quietness of some.

and the boldness of others. 

I'm thankful that God has given me a passion 
to study and share His word.
I humbly count it as an honor and privilege.

I was only a small link in the chain of fellowship.

Thursday, February 25, 2016

How You Know You Grew Up In A Small Town

I can't lay claim to the following.  

It was posted to my Facebook. 
I know it to be true, 
being from Small Town, USA.

I've added a few of my own.

Every child in the neighborhood, played backyard baseball.

Every child went barefoot and splashed in mud puddles.
I made mud pies.

Everyone showed up at the Farmer's Market on Wednesday mornings. 
It was and still is a town gathering place.

1. When people ask where you’re from, you say the nearest well-known city rather than where you’re actually from.

2. You went to high school with the same people as from kindergarten.

3. You knew everybody in your graduating class.

4. Actually, you knew just about everybody in your high school.

5. And their families.

6. You and your friends just drove around at night blasting music because there was nothing else fun to do.

7. And hanging out in a store parking lot was the Friday night norm.

8. Whenever you go to a large city, the traffic blows your mind.

9. It’s at least a 30 minute drive to see a movie in theaters.

10. Dating in high school was awkward because you knew all of their exes.

11. Teachers often knew your siblings.

12. “Y’all” is a part of everyone’s vocabulary.

13. It was a normal thing to get caught behind a tractor on the road.

14. Everyone knew everything about everybody.

15. You see at least 5 people you know every time you go to the grocery store.

16. And that quick trip to the grocery store turns into an hour long trip because you have to talk to each one of them.

17. It’s a big deal when a new restaurant opens in your town.

18. It shocked when you went to a restaurant further north and they didn't have sweet tea.

19. Your Facebook feed is full of dead animals during hunting season.

20. Everyone could only talk about leaving, but once you’re gone, you miss it.

Anyone else grow up in a small town?

Wednesday, February 24, 2016

What I Found in Granny's Sewing Machine

I remember Granny's pedal sewing machine.

In the middle drawer that pulled down were buttons and bobbins and pins and needles. In the side drawers were spools of thread and scraps of fabric and a red pin cushion that looked like a tomato.

I found these balls wrapped in strips of fabric. I think they would make great pin cushions. Granny's balls were rolls of yarn for crocheting.

I think my cat would find these great for play.

Don't think this innocent looking creature is sugar and spice. She's a tiger in a small body.

Snow is predicted for tonight with a low of 28. I'll enjoy it one more time. 

See ya soon. Blessings and Hugs!


Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Be Your Own Kind of Beautiful

Again, I'm moving things about. 

I think I may have already posted the sign, 
"Be your own kind of beautiful."

I found it in the $1 bin at Target.
Yes, $1!

I move it around to remind myself 
that no, I am not skinny. 

I am lumpy and bumpy.

I have more wrinkles than I did last year
and when the color fades from my hair, I see more gray.

I want to be healthy and I have made a goal to get there.
But while I work on it, I'm gonna be my own kind of beautiful.

When I was a teenager and young adult, 
my best friend was beautiful, tiny and was/is one of the most 
precious persons you will meet.

She has the ability to see the good in everyone.

She and my brother and I sang together. 
My daughter, niece and nephew played 
"Bonnie, Bruce and Dale."

Of course, my nephew played "Bruce."
My niece and daughter would always argue over who 
was going to play "Dale."
She had the beautiful, sweet voice. 
I was the deep alto.

Little girls in high heels with hairbrushes in hand singing,
what a beautiful memory!

Shoot, even I wanted to be Dale when I grew up.

As God has begun to shape me and make me into who He
wants me to be, I am learning to be my own kind of beautiful.
Yes, and He's still working on me!

I am learning that God has given me gifts, a purpose for which I was created. 

We all come from different places, different backgrounds, 
different homes with different stories. 
I've learned that some of our stories are much the same.
Beauty in memories mixed with pain in the now. 

We are all in different seasons of our lives. 

Some of you are discouraged, some of you are exhausted
some are hurting, some are grieving, some are frustrated 
and fed up with life. 

Some of you are taking care of little ones, 

some of you are taking care of a sick loved one,

some of you are caring for aging parents

and some of you are just trying to keep your head above water
to take care of yourself.

Whevever you are in life, you are beautiful and precious
in God's sight, 
no matter how hard life may be at the moment. 

The piece above is a distressed platter from a shop 
that I found last week. 

It is different. 
It kinda reminds me of the oyster plate. 

I got to thinking.
You are the pearl in the oyster shell.

The shell is rugged and hard and not pretty, 
but hidden somewhere inside is a beautiful pearl. 

Be Your Own Kind of Beautiful!

Sunday, February 21, 2016

A Good Day For Spring Activities

I spent Saturday browsing. It was a beautiful Spring-like day.

I bought the cotton and the jar at a cute little shop called Tia's Sabby Chic. Her stuff is marked to sell.

Then I came home and moved it all around a bit.

The touch of blue was just what this space needed. I miss my blue kitchen.
 I was missing my mama and the home place this weekend so I pulled out one of the only pieces that I have of hers, the pitcher and saucer.

I rearranged the cabinet. It felt good to invite a little Spring inside.

And a perfect night for my boy's first Tball practice.

My little girl wanted so badly to get out on the field with Bubba.

Here he is learning to catch,

And running the bases. 

Toward the end of practice, they were all tired and bored and they were more interesting in playing in the dirt than in the field.

Oh, it was good to be at the ball field for the first time in 8 years. His daddy is not sure this is the sport for him but we'll be there for whatever he chooses. His mom played soccer and basketball. Who knows.

Saturday, February 20, 2016

Ready To Take It Outside?

Is everyone ready for Spring?

It's been a mild and lovely winter in TN. 
The brightness of the snow and the chill
that a good cup of coffee can fix, 
have been wonderful!

But yes, I am ready to take it OUTSIDE.

As promised, 
just this last time to share the Avon home decor
for Spring. 

Avon says, 
"The secret to a captivating spread is a playful mix of shapes and materials."

I want this set!
Remember Malamine dishes from the 60's and 70's?

I think the blues will work perfectly with my whites.

Maybe I'll have a deck or a porch and can take it outside!

Still looking for a house!
House Hunting is not as easy as HGTV!

Want to shop with me?

If you want to see the home collection, 
send me your address and I'll mail you a catalog.

No, please don't wear your Avon fragrance if we should meet. 
I don't do fragrance.  We'd spend our time in the ER for sure. 

Friday, February 19, 2016

Effortless Spring Style with Avon

Good morning, Friends. 

All is fine.  

I want to share some pics out of an Avon flyer.


Because I love the new decor from
Campaign 7-10, 
Your Home is the Place to be 

You guessed it, 
I am your new AVON representative.

I know.  I know. 
Here we go again!

I've used Avon for years because my best friend sells it,
it's cost-friendly and it's a good product.

The home LIVING addition is fabulous.
I'm gonna be featuring some of their Spring styles for the home.

Need a fresh spin on your decor?
I just love the Pillow Covers.
Set of two for $19.99
POP goes the Springtime!

I will definitely be choosing this cable knit throw. 
I brighten with whites as you know!
With my orders, I should be able to get it free. 

I'm going to invest in some baskets this Spring. 
The kiddos' toys are everywhere.
I have a great small bookshelf for these, 
perfect for CARS, Hot Wheels,  Pet Shop, 
Disney Princess attire, crowns, jewels, and purses.

This is not my style, but it may work for you. 
Easy, peasy shelving.

Great knobs for your redo!

I'm excited to share more!

Hope you'll browse with me here.

The Spring decor can be found under "Other"
but Campaign 7-10 comes out in March.

You can order directly from my web page
by clicking on the above link.
There are great deals on make-up too!
Or you can just window shop from your Window:) at home. 

Hope you have a great weekend. 
It's a beautiful day in the neighborhood, 
a beautiful day for a neighbor.
Want you be mine.

Thursday, February 18, 2016

Pros and Cons

The interview went great.

I got the call this morning.

I GOT THE JOB...if I want it.

Do I want it???


Working will give me an improved sense of purpose.
I love people. I especially love senior adults.
My brain and body will be working.
Administration and staff have HEART!
The residents are well-cared for, loved and happy!
It's an Assisted Living home and not a Nursing Home.
More Money.

I will miss the freedom to spend days with my babies.
The facility is clean but is old and musty.
The area has a higher crime-rate.
I felt a sense of heaviness.
Old, difficult memories of caring for my parents began to surface.
I cried.


I am older and the body gets tired.
The drive is long.
I'm not a morning person.
I want my grandchildren to look forward to time with BonBon.
I don't want her memories of me to be that I took her away from mommy.
Less money.

I will be making memories that will last a lifetime.
All of my grands will have time together for play dates,
something they don't get now because Harper is in day care.
I won't have to buy new clothes.
I can get make-up on after a cup of coffee.
Hopefully, being out of day care will help Harper stay well.
No Taxes.

As I prayed last night, I knew the answer.
Peace immediately followed the decision.

I refused the job offer.

Just a little something to leave you with.
I like the new bedside table.
Sturdy, already painted and distressed, my color,

Looking forward to sunshine today!

Thanks, Linda!

Tuesday, February 16, 2016


You'd think I'd have time to blog, don't you?

No REAL job, doesn't mean I do nothing. 
The pastor Sunday morning spoke that message to the husbands. 


I've been busy with the little ones. 
I'm not complaining at all, 
but it is a REAL job. 

Just a shout-out to you stay-at-home moms!
I hear ya!

I get it! 

My littlest one has been sick again. 
Harper was referred to a pediatric lung specialist recently.
Since she was a preemie, her little small bronchial tubes
make her susceptible to every virus that goes around. 

I did get a smile.  
This was Thursday.

I had her on Sunday and again yesterday.

The pediatrician suggested that mommy find a stay-at-home sitter. 
I'm seriously considering it. 
They want to pay me.  I need the job.

I also have an interview tomorrow with a nursing care center.
It's a position for an activity coordinator. 
Real Job, yes!
Caring for babies,
REAL job, yes!

I want to be available for the children, 
but God knows how ridiculous the cost of living is here!
I need a job with insurance and benefits. 

I don't discount the benefits of loving on these babies.
I'm so glad to be near to help.
Reality is REAL!

My son and his wife sold their first home
and have bought another.
May May and BonBon have been busy!
Pray for adjustment for the babies and mommy and daddy.

So, do I take a REAL outside-the-home-job with benefits
do I take the REAL inside-the-home-job with benefits???

Oops, I've not been offered the other.

(Hey Linda, I'll pay you to make me a siggy for Spring!)