Thursday, February 25, 2016

How You Know You Grew Up In A Small Town

I can't lay claim to the following.  

It was posted to my Facebook. 
I know it to be true, 
being from Small Town, USA.

I've added a few of my own.

Every child in the neighborhood, played backyard baseball.

Every child went barefoot and splashed in mud puddles.
I made mud pies.

Everyone showed up at the Farmer's Market on Wednesday mornings. 
It was and still is a town gathering place.

1. When people ask where you’re from, you say the nearest well-known city rather than where you’re actually from.

2. You went to high school with the same people as from kindergarten.

3. You knew everybody in your graduating class.

4. Actually, you knew just about everybody in your high school.

5. And their families.

6. You and your friends just drove around at night blasting music because there was nothing else fun to do.

7. And hanging out in a store parking lot was the Friday night norm.

8. Whenever you go to a large city, the traffic blows your mind.

9. It’s at least a 30 minute drive to see a movie in theaters.

10. Dating in high school was awkward because you knew all of their exes.

11. Teachers often knew your siblings.

12. “Y’all” is a part of everyone’s vocabulary.

13. It was a normal thing to get caught behind a tractor on the road.

14. Everyone knew everything about everybody.

15. You see at least 5 people you know every time you go to the grocery store.

16. And that quick trip to the grocery store turns into an hour long trip because you have to talk to each one of them.

17. It’s a big deal when a new restaurant opens in your town.

18. It shocked when you went to a restaurant further north and they didn't have sweet tea.

19. Your Facebook feed is full of dead animals during hunting season.

20. Everyone could only talk about leaving, but once you’re gone, you miss it.

Anyone else grow up in a small town?


  1. Yes...and I can relate to so many of those things you mentioned and maybe even add a few of my own! Great post :)

  2. It's like that here which is somewhat similar to my hometown in Florida. I love where we live.
    Have a blessed day! ~:)

  3. I did and loved every minute of it. As a teenager, we could do nothing that our folks didn't know about before we even got home. lol I remember we played out in the evenings until dark - no worries at all. The world has certainly changed. I wish my grandchildren and great grands could grow up in a world like that.


  4. Bonnie, I loved your list on here, and I am familiar with so many of them. :) Our town was a small town growing up and everyone knew everyone. I sure miss those good 'ole days.

    Great post, Bonnie. And I DID go to high school with some of the same people from kindergarten. :)

    love, ~Sheri

  5. I did and can relate to a lot of the things on your list. Our town is growing, but is still pretty small!

  6. Yes, sure did! No better place to grow up. #8 really hits home. I still hate to drive in a big town and especially a big city with all the traffic! I occasionally have had to drive in Tampa and Orlando and I practically break out in hives! Great post.

  7. That was so cute - and I could relate to more than a few of those points!

  8. Yes, small town but I lived in the country so knew mostly my neighbors. I went to public school for only 3 years so I didn't know those people from when I was young. My last two years was at a Mennonite HS that had Local students as well as from many other states and the world. No sweet tea here!!
    I love diversity and I loved this post!
    God bless you today, my friend!

  9. Yes Bonnie and God bless those wonderful small towns and the people in them. I loved my small town life. It was good enough for me. I still love traveling and meeting new people but that old saying is always so true....there's no place like home. That made me laugh about the "sweet tea". Blessings to all of you, xoxo,Susie

  10. Oh yes...I can relate to the majority of those... we didn't live in a "small town" per say, well..prob. was a small town, only I worked at the movie theatre and we rode our bikes everywhere... I was bused to high school though as it was 11 miles. The "small town" is no longer small and there are several malls etc. now. Thanks for the smiles, Bonnie...oh and we truly live in a small town now. There is under 10,000 citizens here and where everybody knows everybody and everything and where one doesn't even lock their doors and leave their car keys in the ignition.

  11. Me too:) I have SO many memories of growing up in my small town:) Precious memories of simpler times! Have a blessed Sunday dear Bonnie, BIG HUGS!


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