Sunday, February 21, 2016

A Good Day For Spring Activities

I spent Saturday browsing. It was a beautiful Spring-like day.

I bought the cotton and the jar at a cute little shop called Tia's Sabby Chic. Her stuff is marked to sell.

Then I came home and moved it all around a bit.

The touch of blue was just what this space needed. I miss my blue kitchen.
 I was missing my mama and the home place this weekend so I pulled out one of the only pieces that I have of hers, the pitcher and saucer.

I rearranged the cabinet. It felt good to invite a little Spring inside.

And a perfect night for my boy's first Tball practice.

My little girl wanted so badly to get out on the field with Bubba.

Here he is learning to catch,

And running the bases. 

Toward the end of practice, they were all tired and bored and they were more interesting in playing in the dirt than in the field.

Oh, it was good to be at the ball field for the first time in 8 years. His daddy is not sure this is the sport for him but we'll be there for whatever he chooses. His mom played soccer and basketball. Who knows.


  1. awwwwww.....thanks for the smiles...I always love it when you move things around...I wish I had your talent, Bonnie. Blessings

  2. Love your stuff :) I always do!
    Your little ones are so adorable...yes, we support whatever sport the choose. It's usually soccer with ours.
    Enjoy your Monday, my friend!

  3. Oh love the jar and the cabinet redo looks wonderful!!!! How cute is the little man, really cute!!! Blessings Francine.

  4. It is fun to rearrange isn't it! Looks as though the children were having great fun! xx

  5. I love watching little ones play T-ball. Such fun! Hugs!

  6. Oh honey, don't 'cha just love it when people price their things to sell? I love the blue! What a wonderful time at the ball field! Little ones learning to play a sport make me smile! Have a blessed week ahead, BIG HUGS!

  7. I'm kinda partial to blue myself, especially paired with white. The two are just made for each other.
    BTW, did y'all ever sell the house? I pray that's the case and you're well on the way to getting a new-to-you home.
    Luv from Gawga. ~:)

  8. How nice to have such a sweet piece that belonged to your mama! I'm sure it holds treasured memories for you and brings peace when you have it near. None of my grands are into sports, but my nieces kids are, so I hope to visit some of their games in the weeks ahead, before it get too hot! May you enjoy a wonderful week. Blessings, Cindy xo

  9. So fun to watch the grandchildren at their activities! Your cabinet looks so pretty dressed up for sweet to have something special from your mother!

  10. The kids are adorable! It seems they gravitate to the activities that they really enjoy. Your spring touches look very pretty!


  11. I love the blue... and the cotton... and the H... I love it all!

  12. I need to get busy and rearrange some things...I have gotten in a rut. We are going to have hard words put down sometime this summer and I hesitate to do anything until then. Love your touches of blue and that cute little flowery plate :)

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