Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Wednesday Hodgepodge

1. Describe love using all five senses.

Love smells like a box of chocolates.

Love tastes like a cup of coffee.

Love sounds like giggles from a baby girl who is alone and 
talking to angels or an imaginary friend.

(Honestly, we were riding home from day care yesterday and 
she's in the back seat, laughing hysterically, she stops to jabber
and starts kicking her feet and giggling again.  She's 13 months old!)

Love feels like loves and hugs from the GRANDS and an expression
of pure joy when I walk in the door! It feels like joy and peace all wrapped up in one.

Love looks like sunrise on the beach or a mountain creek.

2. February is Canned Food Month. What's your favorite food that comes straight from a can?

Peaches.  Of course, it has to be sweet!

3. A principal in a UK school recently sent home a letter to parents requesting they (the parents!) dress appropriately when escorting their children to/from school (basically saying please don't wear your pajamas) You can read the letter here. It's gotten a lot of publicity, both positive and negative. Your thoughts? And do/did you ever make the school run (or hit Starbucks, Walmart, etc) in your pjs?

Sounds like someone has been to my neighborhood.  Oh the horror of 
seeing women out in public in their PJs.  But I sure do love wearing them 
around the house. 
Funny, true story...
I was in first grade.  I had to wear dresses to school.  I was a tomboy who loved to cross the monkey bars.  The boys would tease me everyday because they could see my underware.  I had to beat up a few. One day I wore my brother's pajama bottoms to school to cover up my panties.  I was afraid someone would find out so I stuffed them in another kid's desk.  What was even more embarressing is when the student pulled them out and the teacher paraded them around the room to see who they belonged to.
Horrible!  Embarressment to the 10th degree!  I did not admit that they were mind!
If the boys saw them, they didn't say a word.  I guess they were afraid of getting punched in
the stomach!

4. Crew neck, V-neck, turtleneck, scoop neck...which is most prevalent in your wardrobe?

I prefer V necks.  Since I am not working, I wear tees and leggings or sweats.
Oh yes, PJs!

5. I read here recently a list of four things to avoid so you wake up happier. They were late night snacks, hitting the snooze button, social media just before bed/upon waking, checking emails.
Are you guilty of any of these behaviors?

All of the above! Yikes!

Which on that list do you need to work harder at avoiding?

Eating at night.  The ENT says that is a no-no if I want my voice back. 
I'm headed to an allergist on Tuesday.

6. Share something you remember about a house you lived in as a child? Of all the homes you lived in as a child, which did you love best?

The house I grew up in is the only home I knew except for one I can 
barely remember that I lived in until I was three.  It is full of memories, 
good and bad. My granny's house 
when all the cousins came was my favorite place in the world to be.

7.Your favorite movie based on a true story?

Shawshank Redemption

8. Insert your own random thought here.

An update on my daughter:

After seeing a low-vision specialist and mutiple tests, 
she was given the okay to drive in the daytime.
She can not drive on the interstate and she can not drive at night
or when it is raining.
She has special mirrors for her car, kinda like the mirrors 
on semi trucks.  The rearview mirror on her car is magnified and 
increases her range of vision.  It's awesome!
There are no blind spots!

Her vision loss had not progressed which we were hoping to hear!
She's feeling some independence again.

She has a magnifier that is the size of an IPHONE
which allows her to read menus and directions on the medicine bottles.
It changes the background color and the font for better visibility.

They are doing clinical trials now on Best Disease.
We are believing for a cure in the future.


  1. #3 ... are we related!? Honest, I did nearly the same thing in Elementary school. Girls had to wear skirts or dresses and I was also a Tom Boy. Because I liked to actually play during recess, I smuggled a pair of short shorts under my skirt so I could participate. Thank Heavens I didn't get caught, although I was just rebellious enough to not care. The boys also didn't tease me if they valued their front teeth. *grin*
    Loved your answers. Also, happy to hear your daughter is not getting any worse. I pray that she will be 100% healed soon.
    Hope your day is blessed. ~:)

  2. So glad to hear that things are not as bad for your daughter as you feared and that she can drive at least most of the time which she must be so pleased about. Freedom is a wonderful thing isn't it. xx

  3. Thanks for updating us on your daughter, Bonnie. That sounds very positive. I always love hodgepodge Wednesdays...very interesting.

  4. I absolutely adore hearing a baby laugh! How cute she is. I'm glad your daughter's vision isn't worse and that she is able to compensate for her problem. Have a great evening.

  5. Bonnie, I am happy for your daughter. Your little guys are so cute. Don't you just love hugging on them. Precious. I say ewweee on wearing PJ's in public...I'd sooner see sweat pants....I guess I've seen too many nasty long PJ pants dragged in the dirt. Not a good look . Blessings, xoxo,Susie

  6. That was fun :)
    So happy to hear the good news about your daughter.
    PJ's in public....NEVER on me!! Good grief, I put on makeup every single day. Does not matter if I stay home or go away....that's just the way I am!
    God bless you, my friend!

  7. like your answers, prayers continue for your daughter

  8. I've always wished that the little ones could communicate their conversations/activities with the angels! The older they get, the less it happens (at least for most children). I know that you enjoy every minute spent with them ~ they're just so precious! I'm grateful your daughter's news is good...PTL! I enjoy posts like this as I feel I learn more about the blogger. Thanks so much for sharing!!

    I'm still trying to work out some glitches with my computer but wanted to say hello.


  9. I loved this post Bonnie! First of you covered love well - especially the sound of a babies giggle. I was laughing at your pajama story. I love pj's but would never wear them outside of my house!
    Hooray for that Dr report and the ability to drive again.

  10. Very cute post! Looks like a fun party. Great news about your daughter!

  11. I am encouraged by your daughter's report. Thank you Lord for answered prayers and we continue to pray. xo


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