Wednesday, February 24, 2016

What I Found in Granny's Sewing Machine

I remember Granny's pedal sewing machine.

In the middle drawer that pulled down were buttons and bobbins and pins and needles. In the side drawers were spools of thread and scraps of fabric and a red pin cushion that looked like a tomato.

I found these balls wrapped in strips of fabric. I think they would make great pin cushions. Granny's balls were rolls of yarn for crocheting.

I think my cat would find these great for play.

Don't think this innocent looking creature is sugar and spice. She's a tiger in a small body.

Snow is predicted for tonight with a low of 28. I'll enjoy it one more time. 

See ya soon. Blessings and Hugs!



  1. It's raining here....a dreary, dark day. I feel dreary body longs for sunshine and warmth! No more snow, please. (Yeah, right!)
    Cute cat! Looks innocent :))

  2. Very stormy and windy here ahead of a cold front. Love those treadle machines. I learned to sew on a Singer treadle which my aunt eventually gave to me. I wish I still had it! Have a great day.

  3. Bonnie, How wonderful, you have something of your grandmother's. Your cat is cute. Yes, the snow is headed our way. We had the ice and rain so far. Blessings, xoxo,Susie

  4. I love those balls of fabric! Kitty is cute too. :)
    It's snowing like crazy here tonight.

  5. We've had bitterly cold weather the past few days, 2" of rain yesterday and winds 45mph. Today we had bright sunshine but still windy and cold. It's supposed to warm up again and then back to the 30's - 40's next week with possible snow. Texas weather!

    I learned to sew on my grandmother's treadle machine. Sewed right through my finger! :) My dad
    removed the needle and had me soak my finger in coal oil. Of course, it healed quickly. Those old remedies did work!


  6. I love finding old treasures:) Have a blessed day dear friend, BIG HUGS!

  7. What sweet balls of fabric, my friend! Isn't it grand finding old treasures :)

    Spring is trying make her presence known here in the mountains. The snow is quickly melting and the days are warming up...I'm loving it. Stay warm, sweet Bonnie. Hugs!

  8. Isn't it wonderful to come across a treasure like that with so much family history behind it? I have such sweet memories of my mom's old machine and the cabinet that it was in...the button drawer was my favorite!

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  10. Stay warm!

    Nothing better than treasures of yesterday.

  11. And they are BLUE!! Very sweet pieces! Enjoy them! Cindy xo


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