Saturday, December 6, 2014

A Hometown Christmas

There's nothing quite like a hometown Christmas.

The familiar lights that remain the same year after year,
a mechanical Santa and Mrs. Claus in a storefront window, 
a gazebo decorated with big bulb lights, 

a bike with a basket full of wrapped gifts, are
all cherished momentos of our small town Christmas.

This is the night of the lighting of the Lite-a-Light tree.

Crowds gather to see the tree and hear
the names of their loved ones called.

The lights on the tree are in honor or in memory of
special people that we hold dear. 
The event is sponsored by the Pilot Club.
When I worked at the nursing home, 
the Pilot Club brought babies to the residents with Alzheimer's. 

Here's a closer look at the star.

Carriage rides are a favorite for the children.
The children's activities are sponsored by the Chamber of Commerce.

It's also the night of The Children's Christmas Parade.
Take a look at some of the rides... 

Yes, that's real cotton from a Washington County farm.

Bikes, trikes, wagons, children and their parents 
take a walk around the courthouse square, and

Santa is leading the parade.

Yelp, Santa Claus came to town.

Carols were sung as
shoppers rushed home with their presents.

I hope you enjoyed your visit to 
our Hometown Christmas. 
Do you live in a small town?
What kind of Christmas celebrations does your town have?

Happy Saturday!



  1. Happy Saturday to you too dear friend and YES, I enjoyed seeing your Hometown Christmas:) I love watching all of the little kids taking it all in! Enjoy your day dear Bonnie, HUGS!

  2. Very sweet photos from your town. My hometown had their tree lighting/parade last night but we live about 2 hours away. I'll look forward to seeing photos later; brings back fond memories of childhood. God bless your weekend.

  3. Lovely little town decked out for Christmas.Thanks for sharing, Blessings Francine.

  4. I love hometown traditions. There is nothing like it! Hope you have a great Saturday- xo Diana

  5. What a beautiful town.
    Thank you for sharing the love.
    Christmas Blessings

  6. So happy to see a town that enjoys Christmas as much as ours.

  7. Oh Bonnie, makes me want to move to your hometown! What a lovely way to celebrate as a community!

  8. Tis lovely.
    Made my heart sing.

  9. What a charming place! I really like that star!

  10. How beautifully special! There is nothing better than hometown traditions. Enjoy your weekend! Bonnie

  11. I love small town Christmas celebrations. The little town in Idaho where I grew up has a light parade, with Christmas music and floats, etc. It's a fun time of year.

  12. Loveeeeeee the post...thanks for the smiles.

  13. Looks like a place I'd enjoy living!

  14. This is charming! Our town has a tree lighting with choral groups...and a breakfast with Santa. Looks like a lovely town!

  15. What a fantastic evening of celebrations and fun for your town! Such a great way to bring everyone together. xx

  16. Those are the best, traditions that stand the test of time. I was talking with a friend recently about that very thing.


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