Thursday, December 4, 2014

A Few New Ornaments and Wrapped Presents Under the Tree

I've added a few ornaments.

My daughter and son-in-law
bought these at an After-Christmas Sale
at Macy's last year.

I think she was a bit disappointed when 
she didn't see them on the tree.

I added them when they left and sent her a photo. 
I like!

I have a few gifts under the tree now.
All are for my grandbabies except for one.

This is my view this evening from my sofa.

I'm staying positive and trying to cherish each moment of
every day of the holidays without taking on too much.

Care to join me in creating a stress-free holiday?



  1. I am so impressed. I haven't done one thing. For the first year in my life I am not decorating, but as I will be spending Christmas at my daughter's house, I can enjoy her beautiful decorations. I hope you will relax and enjoy, my friend. xo Laura

  2. I will join you after I unload the boxes sitting in my livingroom :) It is my goal to get 'er done by Friday evening so I can enjoy it this weekend!

  3. I love the pictures in your header. The frosty blues are so pretty with your whites!

  4. I have purposed to do much the same as you when it comes to creating a stress free holiday, Bonnie. I like your view. :)

    The new decorations from your daughter are lovely, btw.

  5. Your new extra ornaments are so pretty and look lovely on the tree. The tree also looks so pretty and even nicer with the matching parcels around the bottom!! xx

  6. I added a few things today inside. I put away the fall things outdoors and put my Christmas things outside. Done with the simple decorating. I am so trying to not let the non holiday related stress get to me.
    Your tree loks really pretty. My granbabies gifts come first.

  7. It is hard to remember everything:) I have also missed adding something that was given as a gift! I love your view and your attitude! I am working at cherishing every moment each and every day! It all just goes by SO fast! Sending HUGS and PRAYERS your way dear friend!

  8. Your view from the sofa looks quite beautiful and cozy. I saw what looked like an ice cycle on the tree? My mother just gave me some of those from her Christmas decorations and I just LOVE them!! They make the tree look enchanting.
    Love and prayers to you, Debbie

  9. This year I'm going to try to wrap presents earlier...usually I'm doing it on Christmas Eve lol!

  10. We also planned a stress free holiday season. Thanksgiving to New Year. I am tired of the commercialism of it all. We declared a home made theme for gifts this year... with the exception of the 2 grandbabies.
    So, yes... in will join you in a stress free Christmas!!

  11. You know, after having been ill for two months, I have decided not to get stressed for Christmas. I wanted to pick out a tree today, but ended up at the doctor. My feelings were, "well, we can get the tree tomorrow, or not!" I have decided life is too short to stress about little things.


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