Sunday, December 21, 2014

These Have My Heart

A Christmas stocking from BonBon and Grandy.

Nothing makes me happier than seeing this smile on my baby girl's face. Yes, a long-awaited promise.

Is she not an angel?

This is the best Christmas present a mommy and daddy can have.

Cora is crawling up a storm.

She's an easy baby and loves everyone.

She was flirting with her Grandy here.
Uh oh!  

For Connor, it's planes, trains and cars.  All boy!

Yelp, they all have us wrapped around their little fingers.

All are sick tonight. Prayers.


  1. She is just beautiful! You are blessed!
    Bob is sick too. Praying for all of you to feel better.

  2. Oh what beautiful children. What a happy mommy. What a Blessed Christmas. Saying Prayers for the sick ones.

  3. oh no. prayers for healing. Merry Christmas

  4. Sweet, precious photos. Praying for you and yours.
    Merry Christmas, friend.

  5. You are blessed to have the little ones in your life! Praying for the baby!
    Merry Christmas!

  6. How precious...I remember Liam (my son) and Thomas the train as well...thanks for the smiles. Keeping you in prayer. Merry Christmas.

  7. They are beautiful, blessings from God. We have that same train here, and we also have an almost-crawler in the family. Sweet photos, Brenda. Have a joyous Christmas. hope everyone's on the mend very soon!

  8. You know I have commented on facebook but just want to tell how you happy I am for ALL of you! Merry Christmas, sweet friend!

  9. As it is a day since you wrote this I hope that everyone is better again now. Such wonderful precious memories and times. Happy Christmas! xx

  10. Such cute little angels. I hope everyone is feeling well soon!
    Merry Christmas.


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