Thursday, December 4, 2014

A Time-out Bench

Everyone has been so sweet!

I am amazed by the generosity of so many people.
Many friends have told me, "I've prayed for this child to be."

Christy would call in tears and hurting so badly, and although I believed and never stopped believing. she and her husband's pain was tearing my heart to pieces.

I sent an email out to my church family and special friends and asked that they join me in praying for my daughter. It was a desperate cry for the body of Christ to intercede for us.  

They did.  One of my friends had set her clock for 9 am.  She asked a friend at work to join her in believing for this baby.  One sweet girl said she had fasted and prayed.  Another of my friends had a revelation that she would have a child.  So it wasn't a matter for me IF she would conceive, it was WHEN.

My sister called and said, "Did you get a delivery today?" To which I responded, "Yes, postal services sent two packages of things that I had ordered."  She said, "Look again."

This is what I found.

This note was attached.

I asked, "Am I supposed to keep it here or send it to Nashville."
She said, "It's Christy and Troy's."

To which I responded, 
"Good because there will be no time out with BonBon."

The bench will be used to hold other things
if it remains here.
As a shelf, it will hold books to read and
toys to play with, 

or a dresser used for playing dress-up.

No, time-out here.
That's for Mommy and Daddy to do. 

BonBon gets all the fun!

As you can see. I have got to get some girl toys
for my Cora and Harper.

I am full of gratitude and appreciation for all 
the people who stood in the gap with us.

For all the gifts and this treasure, 
words are not enough to convey what I feel.

I write this not without consideration of those
who have loved and lost.
I have a dear friend who lost her 6 month old
grandchild this week.  He is being buried today.
My heart is heavy as I have prayed for her family.

I have another family of friends who are
sitting at the bedside of a young man, a brother, a son, a friend.
He is on life-support as his life seems to ebb away.
(I still believe)

I have another friend who is alone and home-confined
lonely, wants to reach out and can't find the courage to do so.

I have another friend who has been chronically ill
and home-bound for over 20 years.

I have known loss too and it gets easier,
but the pain of loss and memories of Christmas' past are still there.

For these, I pray for comfort and peace.
For those who know love and family, I celebrate with you.


The bench is hand-made and is made of cedar.  The aroma is already filling my house.  So much thought and love went into this special gift.


  1. That is so sweet! People are good and often will surprise you with their generosity.

  2. What a beautiful story Bonnie and l agree people can be amazingly kind, sometimes we forget that when we see the news of the world...if l had grandchildren there'd be no timeouts either:-))

  3. Beautiful post...
    Life is not easy but filled with goodness too when our eyes and hearts are on HIM.

  4. What a beautiful gift indeed!!!
    Prayers to all of those in need.

    Have a great weekend.

  5. You are a blessing, Bonnie...always hurting with those who hurt, rejoicing with those who are rejoicing. Hmmm...I seem to remember something like that in the Bible. You have quite a ministry in loving others for Him, Girlfriend. xo

  6. Morning Bonnie, love the little bench, so sweet... Touching post, God Bless, Francine.

  7. Merry Christmas Bonnie!
    I always say "everyone has a story" and it's nice to remember that, esp. this time of year.
    I hope you can find peace with your memories of Christmases passed!
    Cute bench, btw! LOL

  8. What a sweet and special gift! I love the smell of cedar and I know that aroma is filling your home with thoughts about when that little baby will be there:) Sending HUGS and PRAYERS to all in need of either or both! Have a blessed day dear friend!

  9. What a wonderful post...yes, many are hurting and have wishes and wants. Praying too, for all that you listed here!

  10. I have sat and pondered and don't know what to say, other than this is so very moving. Sorry, I cant put the words right. xx


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