Friday, December 5, 2014

Christmas on the Front Porch

I'm not sure if my little slab of concrete
would pass for a front porch,
but I decorate it anyway.

I found this rusty, crusty wagon
with a broken wheel at the flea market.

I added one of my favorite wooden boxes
a lantern, and some wrapped gifts. 

This is my Charlie Brown Christmas tree.

I haven't yet decided what needs to go 
on this side of the porch.
I keep looking for pillows for the bench.
So much for small town businesses.

This is the view in the day.

This is the view at night. 

I'm not satisfied that it is blog-worthy, but
 for 29 years it has been my humble abode and it is 

Have a Great Weekend, 


  1. That is just cute as can be, I love it all lit up.

  2. Looks perfect, love the outside decorating. That little rusty wagon is priceless, so sweet.Blessings Francine.

  3. Totally Blog -worthy and oh-so-cheery! Santa will definitely be able to find you!

  4. I really like your porch display Bonnie. Get some old flannel shirts and make pillows from them. Blessings, xoxo, Susie

  5. I really like your porch display, Bonnie...especially that sweet little wagon! You have such great ideas. And it looks great whether it is day or night.

  6. It's adorable, Bonnie. I love that little wagon. xo Laura

  7. Love that wagon! I think your home is sweet. I don't have a front porch so don't decorate outside and I miss it!


  8. I LOVE your 'little slab of concrete!!!!'
    It is totally obvious that you can make just about anything 'warm and cozy!'
    That is a gift, my dear!
    I love the Charlie Brown Christmas Tree! I bought one at the Goodwill this year! You might try looking for Christmas pillows there - that's where I find mine!

  9. That little wagon is adorable! I don't have a porch either so I make do with what I have. Your home looks so cozy and sweet!


  10. Your porch is very inviting and has personality. There is no place like home!

    Hope your holiday season brings you many blessings and joy. Merry Christmas. It is getting to be very busy.

  11. I have a slab of concrete for a porch too. Yours is just charming! You are so talented!

  12. Your porch looks lovely. I really love view at night.

  13. I love your little wagon and your cute Charlie Brown tree!

  14. It is beautiful and it is yours and that is all that matters!! It looks especially good at night when you get to enjoy the Christmas tree lights as well, and I love your wreath!! xx

  15. It looks just fine, Bonnie. I love the star on the bench! Sometimes we have to make do with what we have on hand! I have a small porch too and still decorate it. My husband doesn't do Christmas lights on the roof (they always burn out).

  16. Your porch looks wonderful. I love the Charlie Brown tree :) I thought about using our wagon on the porch too, but went with the sleds instead. Love the night pic! So pretty!


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