Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Refunked Junk at the Nasvhille Flea Market

RustY old farm equipment
A metal bed frame
A bent iron gate door
Twisted barbed wire
A well-used ladder
 Paint droppings
Well-worn fabrics
 Soft and luxurious
 Buttons and bows
Lace and twine
Put them all together 


This was by far
The Nashville Flea Market

A little chippy, 
a lot of shabby chiccy,
I was in hog-heaven!

I'd very much like to have taken 
this whole vignette home
and planted it 
right, smack, dab in the middle 
of my front porch!

Natural elements 
and elements of nature, 

Tool boxes and ladders, 
galvanized or wooden, 
just can't have enough of!

(I'm getting excited just thinking about 
what I'm gonna do with my next project!)

This primitive wooden tool box filled 
with pumpkins, potatoes, and gourds
will make a perfect centerpiece for 
some one's Thanksgiving table.

There's nothing that a few rings
and a roll of twine 
can't make beautiful!

And now my heart is doing flips!

THIS I will make!

Can you believe that this is all I came away with???

All my money went into
the trip to Nasvhille
to see my children and 
making this little fellow
happy on 
Birthday #2.

Who could ask for anything more???

Oh, yeah.  
I was so impressed and excited 
while chatting with a refunked junkie
that I didn't even get her name. 

I did find out that she is from 
Charlotte, NC.

Follow her on Facebook.
She is fabulous!

Happy Day to 
all you junkies out there, 


Sharing Refunked Junk Christmas ideas on my next post.  
Stay Tuned...


  1. What a great show! Lovely vignettes, I would be in heaven. Thanks for sharing the pics.

  2. What GREAT stuff! I can see that you were in Hog Heaven! Wow. Okay- that tied/or ruffled? thing. Is that wings? I love it whatever it is - xo Diana

  3. Oh I would love to attend! I'm ready for a fun junking trip to the south. So nice that you stopped by!

  4. It looks like you had a great sale!
    Your blog is wonderful Bonnie. Thanks for coming by mine.


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