Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Today I Heard the Boom

Most times God speaks
in a still, small voice-
a whisper.

And other times, 
He rocks my world 
with a loud BOOM!

When I need direction, 
I must confess I want 
the BOOM-
the loud voice of God,

and He wants me still enough 
to hear the whisper.

This week I picked up an Orgami Owl locket
that I recently purchased.

My first charm, a bird.

A few months ago
a writer encouraged her readers 
to find something to look at, 
touch, hold in her hand daily
as a reminder of God's love.

The bird has become
that symbol.
"Are you not of more value than the birds?"

Today I heard the BOOM of God, 
I sensed His presence in a mighty way.

Oh, I love the sweet, gentle nudgings of His Spirit.
I love it when His peace
gently calms the storm to a whisper.
I love it when He comes in His own special way.

But today I heard and felt His thunder, 
I heard His voice echo from the pages of His Word,
and everywhere I turned 
there was a powerful reminder of WHO HE IS
and WHOSE i am. 

When I compare my self to HIM, 
I feel small.

But when I realize that I am HIS child, 
saved, loved, healed and delivered
I feel STRONG.

Today I felt the earthquake

Thank you, Lord for both, 


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  1. Oh- I love it when I feel that BOOM and KNOW that I am on the right track...that I am exactly WHERE I am supposed to be WHEN I am supposed to be there. Great post, Bonnie. Love your bird message-so pure and simple and true- xo Diana


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