Saturday, July 6, 2013

Open for Business

White Lace and Promises 

After working 3 hours
with no AC
I am wet to the bone.
Wet, but satisfyingly happy.

My booth is in a small nook
in the back corner of the barn.

That's okay with me for now
since I am starting over 
and growing my business.

I have a little Lace to add, 
but  feel a whole lot of Promise.

My space is dark, 
but hopefully the white and the glitter 
will add some BRIGHT.

My sister is my partner 
and she does a great job
with paint and glaze.

I found the chippy stand 
 on the way home from Atlanta.

Had to have one small space 
with a pop of color.

The best part of the day 
was running into a few 
of my old junkin' buddies-
some were shopping
and some were setting up shoppe.

I do love this business.
I've been isolated for much too long.

If you are ever in Middle Georgia, 
IN the middle of two small railroad towns, 
drop by and shop
Hidden Treasures.

Be sure to visit 
The Two Hens
The Rusty Gate
and of course, 
White Lace and Promises.

The door is already OPEN
come on in!



  1. Start small and the next thing you know you'll be in a huge booth! I hope it goes well for you! The best part is buying! LOL!

  2. Hi Bonnnie

    How very exciting to be building you business with you sister. Your booth looks wonderful. Wishing you much success and if I ever have the good fortune to be in your area, I shall certainly stop in


  3. I am so very thrilled for you, Bonnie. How nice that you could go back into business again. I love what you are doing and I hope the spot works really well for you-xo Diana

  4. So happy for you Miss B! Shop owning, no matter how small or large, is exciting. I'm thrilled you are doing something fun and exciting. Now we will stop and watch it grow, grow and grow.

    Love, Rebecca

  5. Congratulations on your opening. I look forward to watching your progress. Most of all enjoy the journey. Bonnie


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