Saturday, June 7, 2014

Country Living Magazine and Gina at Random Thoughts are my Inspirations

The Country Living Magazine
has always been one of my favorites. 

The June issue popped out at me. 

Gina at Random Thoughts of an Incoherent Mind
has a great post with blue and green.
I decided to add some yellow.

This was my inspiration.
I was immediately on the prowl for yellow and blue. 

I had been looking at this yellow pitcher 
even weeks before I saw this issue of CL.

I found a couple of turquoise bread and butter plates
and knew that I was on to something.

The yellow bowl feels more like pottery, 
very heavy and perfect for a few lemons and a lime. 

This is the ironstone bowl that I found at the yard sale. 
Do you like lemons in a jar?

I wanted to replace the hydrangeas with yellow tulips
but I couldn't find any.  I'll keep looking. 

This was a fun vignette.  

I'll not be posting tomorrow.  
Going to church out of town.

Have a Sabbath Day Rest, 



  1. I like that magazine too and I like your vignette!
    Hope you are blessed at the church you go to tomorrow!

  2. Morning, love the yellow and blue, looks great together, Blessings Francine.

  3. I love the yellow lemons! Such a pretty vignette! Have a blessed Sunday dear friend, HUGS!

  4. I used to subscribe to Country Living too. They're a good magazine. The decorations look super. Nice colors. ~:)

  5. Wonderful photos/vignettes! May God richly bless you today.

  6. Bonnie, I love that vignette. You worked and got it perfect. Blessings, xoxo,Susie

  7. I love lemons in a vignette Bonnie. I shopped your booth on Thursday and bought all those clocks. I gifted the Baby Ben to my Physical Therapist who is the nicest guy. His daughter just gave CC a knitting lesson. They went with All of us to Peach 23. I know it was a long long way for you. love, Olive

  8. Oh how pretty..I always love your vignettes. You always make me smile. Blessings

  9. Your vignette is so refreshing, Bonnie! I really like the use of your ball jars, I'm a little partial to
    Very pretty!

  10. Bonnie, I'm always so thrilled to meet another kindred spirit. I love, love the title of your blog. So unique.

    Thanks for "finding me" and leaving me a note. I'm happy to follow you back and look forward to getting to know you. I will put you on my sidebar so as not to "lose" you. :)

    Have a blessed Sunday.

  11. I do like the colors. Will have to try them in a quilt.

  12. Hello, I love the pop of yellow in my rooms, as it brings such a cozy and warm feeling!
    I am waiting for my dinner to be done baking so I am multitasking and as we are having fish I am cutting up a bright pretty lemon for it!
    Love the yellow!

  13. I'm late getting by this weekend, but I wanted to say that yes...I do like your vignette! Love the lemons in the blue jar!

  14. My first visit to your blog. I've been reading some of your posts, and am now following you. Looking forward to reading more. blessings, Deborah

  15. Bonnie ~ I am tucking all your cute ideas away in my brain to try in our new home. Still waiting for a move in date, but I'm already getting things together to try. Thanks for your inspiration.

    Your tablescapes in this post are all wonderful.

  16. So pretty...I love these colors together (and Country Living magazine, too)!


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