Saturday, June 7, 2014

The Antique Boys Were Having a Yard Sale

My intentions were to go to South Carolina
for a BIG stretch Yard Sale.

I didn't think I could stretch that far.

Instead, I took the truck 
up the road.  
Yes, probably not a 1/2 mile,
the antique boys were having a yard sale.

Didn't much think I could afford anything.

Yes, $5!
This was a sample board of antique leather drawer knobs. 

Hobby Lobby sells one knob for $5.
I was super excited to have found the finishing piece for my project.

I paid $5 for the desk at a yard sale last Saturday.
It is solid oak, heeeeeeaaaaavy!
It is ready for the shop!
( The manager said I had $90 in sales yesterday! Yippee!)

The ironstone bowl was $5.  A great add to my collection.

It's a treasure. 

The bargain of the day was the blue jar for 50 cents. 
Can you believe it?
I'm screaming and jumping up and down on the inside
even with brain fog!

The others were priced at $3 each.
I asked if I could have both for $5!

Can you hear me singing?

I hope you can hear me smiling,


  1. You did good and had some fun to boot.

  2. I hear u singing in delight! Enjoy the new treaures for yourself or the shop.

  3. Awesome finds!! I get so excited when you post your finds & designs..loveeeeee it!! Blessings

  4. Bonnie, That table was a find. I liked your treasures. Hope you are enjoying this weekend, xoxo,Susie

  5. I can hearing you singing! Those are great finds.
    We're still trying to unload some of those Estate items Hubby "inherited". Maybe we should try a flea market. I want this junk out of my house! *lol* ~:)

  6. Girl I have not found a decent yard sale in these parts for years!
    But I love seeing the treasures you find! Oh, what is that I hear??
    My computer sounds like it is singing :o)
    xo Roxy

  7. Way to go! Smiling from ear to ear!

  8. Pretty neat finds and such great deals and just down the road...I love the blue jars...I have not been around for a, you are selling goodies too.. I know you will enjoy that! I used to sell at a local Vendors Mall...enjoyed it.. Hard work but fun! Have a great Sunday! Glad to be back.. Blessings!

  9. Still love JUNKIN' with my Mr. AGPMan! xoR


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