Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Red, White and Blue

During all the craziness, I'm not sure if this got posted or not.
I'm going nautical.
I just love the ocean and I am so ready to hear the roar of the waves and feel the wind and sun on my face.
When we took the red out of our kitchen and living area, I missed it so much. Had to find a way to put some red back in my life.
So, here we go.
I love old picnic baskets and this one had the right colors. The star I got on my Peaches to Beaches yard sale trail. It was rusty and crusty like I like, but spray painted it red for this room. The cabinet is Mr. H's great grandfather's hand made pie safe. I recovered it from the junk pile in Grandma's garage.
The lantern was my inspiration. Just started me thinking about what I could do with this room.
The books are my some of my favorites.
I bought the dresser for $35 at auction and painted it navy. I love it-lots of storage space. The mirror was free from a friend. I painted it blue and red-not so sure I like it!
Added the thread spool (I love!), my favorite books, and shells. The stacked boxes added some height. Of course, a picture of my daughter and me at our favorite vacation spot made it perfect!
Can't wait til July 16. Ahhhh, I'm feeling it already!


  1. Welcome back Bonnie. I am so glad the blog is back. Love the picnik basket.

  2. Hi Bonnie: It's good to see you again and I love the way you are going with the kitchen. Summer is a great time to change things around..Happy Wednesday..Judy

  3. I spy a picnic basket that I think I have seen before:-)


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