Saturday, June 30, 2012

You Have Treasures. I Guess I'll Stick with the Trash

I must confess that I grow a little weary from reading all the pretty posts on gardening and decorating and crafting.
Now that I am managing the shop, I have little time to gather goods and turn them into beautiful treasures. Most of my finds are local and remain junk. Oh, how I wish to do what some of you do. For now, I'll just have to deal with the trash and hope someone else can turn them into treasures.
I got this cabinet for $65 at auction. I really want to transform it, but I do declare, I really like the chippy showing the green paint underneath.
The knobs look to be the originals.
Still my heart throbs when I see red and white enamelware. My old kitchen was full of it! I need a cabin to fill with all the things my small
home can not house. red handled kitchen tools.
...a juicer
..and old jello molds.
Visit Georgia where you'll find my cabinet for $175, enamelware from $5-$20, red-handled spoons $3-$5, glass juicer $5, and jello molds, all for one low price of $2!


  1. There are plenty of people who like chippy cabinets like yours. With this heat every flower I have will be gone. I have been missing because we have the MINI WEES 9grands0 for 3 weeks. Boy am I tired. xoxo, O

  2. Oh I just love enamel ware. especially the red/white variety. I have a lemon juicer like that and I use it all the time. I love it when I find old kitchen stuff that I can use, it is generally far superior to the utensils we find today.


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