Sunday, January 12, 2014

Small Town Shops Closing

Two years ago
I managed a shop,
in the small railroad town
in which I grew up.

At the turn of the century, 
the busy little railroad town
was a bustle of activity.

The passenger train,
The Nancy Hank,
has since been replaced with
Norfolk Southern
rail cars.

And, our small town is almost desolate.

Cornerstone was a dream come true.

I was able to bring my creativity to life!

Olive Out, a famous blogger now:),
frequented the shop with her 
She snapped this for me.

This is one of my favorite photos.
The mirror in the photo reflects
 the great brick walls 
that made our building so beautiful.

Oh, how I miss her!
Oh, how I miss the shop!
I have moved White Lace and Promises
to a flea market, Hidden Treasures
and Cornerstone is history.

The Rusty Gate has relocated also.

The Rusty Gate was my favorite.
I think I bought more from there 
than I did my own shop.

Anyway, there was a whole lot of exchanging going on
or as Olive called it "horse-trading!"

They had the rusty, crusty that I love.

Refinished church pews.

They could take this...

And do this!

They were great with painting and
distressing pieces.

This was my favorite.
As usual, I waited too late!

This mother/daughter team made it happen.

OliveOut also consigned at The Rusty Gate.

This week I heard that the other antique/flea market, 
The Shed, is closing.

I am so sad.

It feels like we should hang a sign 
from the Tennille City Limits,
"Out of Business."

There still remains The Mouse House:
A Children's Consignment Shop.

I forgot, did I tell you, "It's a Girl!"

I'm sure I'll be visiting more often now:)

I guess we shouldn't hang a sign just yet!
Children's consignments never go out of business!

Missing all the hometown shops,


  1. You should meet my sister, Diane. She had her own little store, similar to yours and she was was so good at making it fun and cozy. Alas, life in a small Idaho town must be similar to life in your small town. With Hobby Lobby only twenty minutes away the competition was too much. She had to sell out, too. It is sad to see the small towns suffer!

  2. Our city used to have a number of needlework stores until Micheals moved in. Now we are down to one, in the centre of town, and dependent on tourist trade. I hear you!
    I would like half an hour in the children's consignment store that you pictured - two little granddaughters - and I love that smocking.

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  4. I would love to do what your doing. My husband & I often talk about doing something..of course, it is just talk. Sadly, store closing/mom&pop stores..that is the sad truth of today's times. Makes me sad..We are blessed to live in a nice small town where mom & pop stores still run. We only have one small Walmart, Lowes & Applebees, Tractor Supply. The people have voted that is it. People here don't even lock their doors..I like living like this. I don't miss the "box stores". your style etc..we are very similar. Blessings (sorry for rambling)


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