Wednesday, January 22, 2014

I'm a Magazinamanic

I'm a magazinamaniac!

I just can't do e-magazines.  
I love the turning of pages.

I look at the ones I like
over and over again.
Do you?


I add sticky notes of what I want to 
remember not to forget.

It seems I have forgotten what it was I
was to remember not to forget
to do with the chicken wire.

Did you get that?
Me either!

I got this basket from a vendor at 
the Nashville Flea Market in October.

I think they have similar ones at TJ Maxx
but I prefer the thrill of the hunt.

For now, I'll hide the mess
and tidy up the rest.

What's your favorite magazine?
How often do you purge?

Happy Wednesday, 



  1. I know exactly what your talking about.
    I did have stacks and stacks and finally gave way as many of my cherished magazines as I could, like 100.
    I kept my favorites and that took months which ones was my favorites LOL
    Like your wire basket

  2. My favorite subscription is Country Sampler. :)

  3. I like magazines. I don't currently subcribe to any :( I love to look at them in offices while I wait for an appointment. I used to catch up at the hair salon while I got my hair colored. Now I let my hair go gray... So magazine time is no more, sigh. Oh we'll, my life is full to the brim anyway :)
    Bless you today!

  4. I love magazines too but don't subscribe to any currently. For years, I collected Country Living magazines. These days, I like to look at Tea Time and Southern Lady. I sit and wait a lot in dr.'s offices and love looking through the pages. Your basket is a real find!

  5. Love magazines too. Country Living, Taste of Home, Traditional Home, Good Housekeeping, the list goes on... and I love cute baskets, boxes, crates ~ anything that looks cute full of mags.

  6. I love your basket! I used to read a lot of magazines, but don't have as much time now. I really like Real Simple.

  7. I like "real" magazines even though they are hard to manage. I like to see a messy pile of them just waiting for me to go through and mark my favorites. I do sometimes donate them, but tend to keep my favorites.

  8. Not often enough. This is one of my biggest decluttering challenges. I go to throw out a magazine and see an article I want to read and decide to save it. Bad habit! I like lots of "women's" magazines.

  9. The only magazine I am taking now other than TV Guide is Consumer Reports so I guess that is my favorite. :-)

  10. I still subscribe to a cooking magazine and my daughter bought me another for Christmas. I like to go through them and take what I want to keep but don't keep them as I try very hard and often without success to keep paper stacks to a minimum.

    I also just read the story of your dear baby brother. So very sad.

    Kindly, Lorraine

  11. Totally understand Bonnie. I love all kinds of decorating magazines. Just received a new Traditional HOmes in the mail today!! I like to turn the pages and linger over my periodicals.

  12. I LOVE magazines too! No e-books for me. I enjoy Romantic Country, the Flea Market ones and whatever else catches my eye.

  13. I agree, Bonnie. Sometimes I have to see that glossy page to appreciate the photography. I don't purge enough, and I often get over run by the clutter of my favorite magazines. But nonetheless, I keep collecting them.

  14. I don't let very many magazines go. I keep them for years, then cut out my favorite articles and picture spreads and hoard them for decades. Really!

  15. I don't let very many magazines go. I keep them for years, then cut out my favorite articles and picture spreads and hoard them for decades. Really!

  16. I am enjoying Better Homes and Gardens. I do the sticky note thing, too. Then I either scan the info I wanted (and crop the page to that amount) or I type it if it's short. It can then be put in folders in your computer or printed. When I am done with the book, I give it to our public library where it goes in the Friends of the Library shop for sale. Proceeds go to the public library. Hooray - - another magazinamanic.

  17. I used to read them all the time. Now it's really only Better Homes and Gardens and that even takes me a week or so to get through….seems reading blogs has taken my magazine time. :)


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