Thursday, January 23, 2014

A Cup or a Mug?

I spent yesterday and last night
all snuggled and wrapped in a blanket.
No walk around the block! 

This GA girl is not used to the COLD.
If it's gonna be cold, then I want snow.
If not, bring on the Spring!

The cups and saucers are pretty
but just can't hold enough
coffee for cold!

So, I spent the day

reading and studying
and drinking a steaming cup of java
from a great big mug.

(BTW, I got a set of these pretties from
the Salvation Army for 29 cents)

A Cup or a Mug?
Which do you prefer?



  1. Good Morning, Bonnie. It is 9 degrees in north GA this a.m. I confess that I like a large coffee mug! I only drink coffee first thing in the a.m. and I like a big, steaming mug full!
    Wishing you a nice, warm weekend.

  2. Hi Bonnie,
    It has been cold here in FL too but thankfully the days warm up into something beautiful.
    Mt. Dora FL is where the flea market is held. You can google it and find out dates and shows. This weekend is a Steampunk fair. Something is always going on. It's called Renninger's Antique Extravaganza. Thanks for stopping by

  3. Morning, oh I'll take a mug please but cups are pretty, Blessings Francine.

  4. Good Fiday morning, Bonnie!
    Ahhhh, yes...
    I have the same issue.
    I eventually end up with my hands wrapped around a big mug. Something about coffee in a mug that makes me feel content.
    Now...tea on the other hand...
    Have a cozy day! : )

  5. Wait, there's a difference? (mug-cup- lol)-- -17 here in upstate NY where we are expecting another round of a snow storm. ANYWAYS-I have a favorite mug it is a Christmas one, we drink coffee all day. Blessings--ps stay warm.

  6. The china cup is beautiful... But I'll take the mug for my morning coffee :)
    All I know is that it's cold around here. How cold? I don't know. It's too darn cold to go outside to check!!
    Have a blessed day!

  7. We're having fairly normal winter temps here - it's sunny and warm-ish.
    I like my coffee from a (heated) mug and my tea from a china cup.

  8. I'll take a mug, but I do like your cups. I actually have the very same china!

  9. I did the same (read) yesterday and it is so cold (7) today I will most likely do the same. I will
    switch from coffee to a mug of tea later and a cookie or two.

  10. Completely depends on my mood... I do like drinking tea from my pretty teacups. But coffee...I have some really nice Fiesta Mugs..The only problem..I have to choose a color because I love all the Fiesta colors.

    I like your mug, and teacups are just pretty aren't they. Added some of my tea stuff to my post today.

    Have a lovely one..sending smiles and hugs

  11. Mug. But I would collect coffee cups and tea servers if I had the room. ~:)

  12. It all depends on the day. Somedays I like a mug and somedays I like a cup. I'm confused like that! xo Diana


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