Tuesday, January 21, 2014

A Walk Around the Block

It was a breezy, cool morning,
but a beauuuuuutiful day
in Sandersville, GA!

The marker reads, 
Historic Sandersville National Register.

General Sherman's walk made us "historical."

I took a walk around the block.

I love the old homes around our small town.

Most of the older homes have a few things in common...

1.  A Front Porch

2.  One of more rockers

3.  Two or more urns

4.  A fence

Some fancier than others.
( A fence is about as close as we get to a gated community)

What's the purpose of a fence?

1.  To protect what's in

( The sweet kiddos and 
the sweet little cottage in the back)


2.  To keep others out

And I got to thinking...

Isn't this just like us?

We construct fences around our hearts...
(I have!)

to protect ourselves from the pain 
of offense or rejection.
(I do!)

We build walls where there should be none.
(I have!)

We dig our fence posts deep, 
we mark our boundary lines
and dare anyone to cross them.

(God help me!)

"But now in Christ Jesus you who once were far away
have been brought near through the blood of Christ.
(That's ME, yippee!)

For he himself is our peace who has made the two one
and has destroyed the barrier,
the dividing wall of hostility...
(Praise God)

You are no longer foreigners and aliens,
but fellow citizens with God's people
and members of God's household, 
built on the foundation of the apostles and prophets
with Christ Jesus himself as the chief cornerstone."
(No fence necessary)

Ephesians 2:13-14a, 19-20



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  1. First I have to say that you're pretty wise! I've done the same.
    Second - your town is so pretty. And fences around hearts isn't a good thing, but the fences around some of these houses are pretty cute!

  2. I love old homes with porches as well Bonnie. My husband is from Savannah where Sherman's march ended.

  3. I think you said it as well as Regan.....Tear down this wall!!!

    We do it all the time, and yet those wonderful verses you sited just tell us...we don't need walls, fences, and deep posts if we have the love, compassion, mercy and forgiveness of our Lord, and feel that for those that hurt us.

    Love this devotional..speaks to my heart.

    Sending hugs

  4. I love Southern houses!! They are so beautiful!! Great analogy!!

  5. I love Southern houses!! They are so beautiful!! Great analogy!!

  6. They are both absolutely beautiful. I LOVE that first one. We could never own a house older than the one we have cuz we don't know how to work on them and definitely couldn't afford the projects and maintenance they require.

  7. That was a beautiful post - and you live in a very pretty town!

  8. Fun to see a part of the world I have not visited in nearly 30 years! A beautiful post and a good reminder about "walls."

  9. You have such a beautiful place to go walking!

  10. Oh my but those are so beautiful, love the older homes with the porch, rockers, so wonderful. Thanks for letting us tag a long with you on your walk around the block, Francine.

  11. Such beauties. I could look at them all day!! Pinning to my farmhouses board :D



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