Monday, January 27, 2014

The IVF Journey Begins

Today, I need to share my heart.

You, my blog friends, have
become my prayer partners, 
for which I am so thankful.  

Most of you know,
how long we have been praying for a baby,
6 years. 

I'm so ready to see this smile again-
ready to see my baby girl laugh like she once did,
ready to see that twinkle in her eye again.

Ready to see her celebrate again,

Ready for her heart to sing again,

Ready to see the craziness,

Ready to see this incredible love
shared with a child.

(This was taken when our Connor man, her brother's baby,
was born.)
Ready to have her experience 
the love and joy that is beyond 
any love she has ever known.

Praying that the arms that have held others, 
will one day very soon, 
hold their own.

If being a good husband is any indication 
of what kind of daddy he will be, 
this man will be the best!

Cancer could not claim him
and neither will infertility defeat him!

After 7 IUIs and a miscarriage, 
they will finally start 
the IVF process this week-
one step at a time.

On Wednesday, she will start birth control, 
as crazy as that sounds, 
to start a new cycle.

She and Troy will both
start on antibiotics. 
(Don't ask me why!)

She will have her own personal
fertility nurse who will be 
with her through the entire process.

She's afraid of so many things,
afraid it won't take,
afraid it will take and
afraid of loss,
afraid of what people will say, 
afraid of what people won't say, 
afraid of looks of pity, 
afraid of looks of excitement-
just afraid.

Today her emotions are all over the place, 
Troy is off on business, 
and I'm six hours away.

I say, 
"I will come."

She says, 
"I'll be okay."

So Jesus, 
will you give her peace while she waits. 

I know I've shared all of these photos before
but I just want these two faces fresh
in your minds as you bring them before the Lord.

Thank You for your Prayers, 



  1. praying along with you through this process and excited to see the blessing or blessings ( you never know) that god will provide her and her husband!

  2. I am praying with you all.

  3. Oh Bonnie, I cannot imagine how hard it is to have so many miles between you and your daughter as she begins this process. I pray peace and strength for you.. As for your precious daughter.. I am agreeing with your hearts cry for her... That she will quickly become pregnant...and a healthy child will be born to this wonderful woman and her husband... Keep us posted.. Blessings My Friend!

  4. Definate prayers here. Best wishes to the lovely couple. God bless. ~:)

  5. I'm so glad you shared the pictures. I'm praying!

  6. I'm so glad you shared the pictures. I'm praying!

  7. Bonnie, thanks for the pictures. I had not seen all of them. They are in my heart and in my prayers, and so are you dear Bonnie. This is a journey for all of you, and we get to tag along, and I love that you are willing to share and let us join you in love and prayers.

  8. I am praying with you and with your beautiful daughter...
    Thank you for sharing the pictures, as it puts faces to the prayers in my heart. : )

    Prayers for you as well, my friend...a mothers's heart breaks when er child's heart aches.

  9. Saying my prayers that she conceives and that she has a healthy, non-problematic pregnancy. You can tell her that I know from a personal family experience that this can work beautifully and people never said a word except how happy they were for them.

    God's blessing!!! xo Diana

  10. Bonnie, adding my prayers. One of the greatest answers to prayer I know is a dear friend's three year old grandson. Freddy and his sweet new sister have a very special place in my heart.

  11. Holding you all in my thoughts and prayers.

  12. I will be praying for your daughter, that The Lord will give her a peace beyond all understanding and that His Will be done in her body.
    You will be in my prayers too, as it is so hard to be so far away..most of the time I am 4 hrs. away, so I understand. xo

  13. Yes, I will pray for your daughter as she and her husband start out on this journey. May the culmination be her heart's desire!

  14. Thank you for sharing, I believe in the power of prayer. I'm praying! God bless your dear daughter and her dear husband!

  15. Wow, Bonnie, praying everything goes smoothly for them. Sounds like they will be incredible parents:-) Thanks so much for stopping by FAR:-)

  16. I have not personally experienced infertility, but I know many who have. Bless her! Bless you as you stand with your girl!

  17. They are such beautiful people in their pictures and obviously in their personalities, too from your description. They will be prayed for - - and what others think does not matter as long as they are following the path God has set before them.

  18. Wishing them all the best; prayers coming their way.

  19. Dear Bon...

    I had to backtrack through your posts to find this one as I was sure you would have written about your girl conceiving. I'm just so excited and have chills running through my spine. God is so good and faithful and I'm so thrilled to see the look of JOY return to your daughter's face.

    Thank you for visiting me. Healing from my daddy's death has been long, slow and hard. But...I'm doing OK. October 1st is my momma's 80th b-day and she said she wished he was going to be by her side. I'm just heartsick for her. As hard as it is for me, my mom's loss is greater.

    Just know I'm thinking of you and honored to still call you friend.

    Love, Rebecca


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