Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Treasures That I Shouldn't Have Let Get Away

Having a home with little space 
and another space that needs filling, 
makes for much regret.

Thinking back, 
there were many treasures
I shouldn't have let get away.

Like the sweet yarn wreath 
that my daughter made.

What was I thinking???

The child's rocker would have been
perfect for my grandbabies to 
rock in at Bonbon's and Grandy's.

The wall wire basket 
would have worked well with
my new bathroom re-do.

What was I thinking???

I always sell my bottles!  Ughh!
And the metal stand would have 
added the extra touch to my front porch.

What was I thinking???

How did I ever let this piece go?
Oh, the things we'll do for a dollar?

What was I thinking???

But the greatest regret that I have
was in letting this one go...

I don't know if I will ever find 
a door that suits my fancy 
like this one. 

Tall and skinny 
and a one-of-a-kind
for sure!

What was I thinking???

Someone remind me that 
somethings are not worth the sell!

Time for me to hit the trail
for more treasures, I guess! 

Happy Hunting, 



  1. Oh, I've done the same thing!! I always kick myself for letting things go that I could use later. You're right though, hopefully you can find replacements.

  2. I so feel your "pain," Bonnie. I can't count the times I've wondered why I sold some things.
    Mary Alice

  3. I think your wire cloche there appears in my 2013 favorite images post. Guess what? I sold it to my business partner. It is in her living room. We al let go of items.

  4. I do love the tall, narrow door. We have moved 3 times in recent years and we have donated/gifted many items that I wish I had held on to!


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