Saturday, May 2, 2015

In His Time

In His time, In His Time
He makes all things beautiful,
In His Time.

As I frantically run here and there, 
back and forth to physical therapy, 
deal with repairmen in getting the house ready to sell, 
look for housing (via the www ain't easy),
nurse, bathe and clothe a very cooperative patient
( believe it or not),
call on customers, drop off testers,
encourage a team, host events, 
anxiously wait,
at times in peace, at times not,

the Lord gently reminds me that 
it's in HIS time.  

So this is what has happened since we last talked.

Mr. H is post-op 3 weeks now.
He has converted from a walker to a cane.
He has advanced from home therapy to out patient physical therapy.
He is completely off the pain meds.
He has transitioned from the recliner to the bed
from a sponge bath to a shower.

Mr. H has decided to take a job
with a company that he purchased from
expanding the company business from GA
to the Middle TN and North GA areas.

We hope we have someone interested enough
to purchase our home.

We are still concerned about insurance,
both life and health.
Any suggestions would help.
We have received compensation for Cobra
for only one more month.

God is blessing my Nerium business beyond anything I had imagined.

I made DIRECTOR this month.
That means higher compensation and
one step away from driving a Lexus!
I might add, one GIGANTIC step!

This one will require a little more work!
This is the most fun I have ever had in any job!
No, it's not work.
It's called making a difference.

This is using Nerium Firm for 1 week!

This is using Nerium AD night for 10 days.

These are not random photos from Pinterest.

These are my friends.

This sweet girl signed as a Brand Partner
and told her story with tears.
She had always struggled with her weight.
She lost 100 pounds with diet and exercise and had loose skin
that would forever be there without surgery.
Then she tried, Nerium Firm.

This is for REAL!

Yes, that's right, baby girl.
Soon, very soon.

We will celebrate this baby girl this weekend.
She will be baptized (dedicated) and
her mommy will graduate from graduate school.

This little man's daddy will turn the big 30!

And we will celebrate our girls as mommies
and the ones we have here

and remember...

the ones who are not.

In His Time,
the house will sell,
we will find THE house there,
I will make enough money to pay for insurance,
because God makes everything beautiful


  1. You know, girl, you have been on my mind! I was going to email you and I am so glad you posted. I am so excited to read about your upcoming moving adventure...all on God's time my sweet friend...all on His!!!! ---I am so happy to read about your hubby's progress, your business...and not to mention birthday, graduation!!! I have missed you!!!!! Blessings

  2. Good things are happening for you and your attitude is great.

  3. Such trurer words were never spoken. It's so easy to worry about every little thing when He knows what the future holds. One of my favorite sayings is " To worry is an insult to God." I try so hard to always remember that.

    Peace and prayers for all things to work out in His time!


  4. Ah... a beautiful post my friend! Although I keep up with you on facebook, you have put everything that's been happening in your life into such a touching way! I'm so glad David has done so well and things are working you HIS time!

  5. What a beautiful post and so nice to hear that all is working for you. God is good and I sure had you on my mind from time to time.

  6. Congratulations on your business venture, Bonnie. Good for you- I think you need to post some before/afters of yourself, too..that way people will really "get it" because it is a person they will recognize. Glad hubby is doing well and good luck on the housing-all the way around. xo Diana

  7. I'm glad that your husband is better. It makes a full load for you taking good care of him. We haven't sold our home yet either. But other houses are selling. It's so weird here right now. We have had one showing in two weeks. We had them pretty often until then. There is nothing on the market for us in the town we want to live in. Nothing in our size and price. Everytime we see something in our town or the town closest it goes into contract. Their are not many houses for sale. But still we sit with out an offer. Sounds like business plans are going well. We have had so much going on as well. My DIL that was in ICU, now our little dog is very ill, still trying to rent my son's condo, hubby's job may soon come to a end. Guess we have to keep believing, "In God's time". Hugs

  8. A beautiful post from a beautiful soul. : )
    My prayers are with you, my friend.
    So happy for all your good news!

  9. I've been thinking and praying for you. Glad to hear all the good reports - will pray about the rest!

  10. YES! He Does! And, He Will! Sending blessings and hugs your way! Cindy

  11. So true! God's timing is perfect ~ we just need to let go and let God. :)

    I've missed you! Sorta been in a fog type place myself. I know you are so thrilled to be moving ~ will hold you in prayer for
    all to proceed with ease.

    Take care of YOU in all this, ok?

  12. Praising God for each day, for each healing touch and thankful for prayers answered! Have a blessed and beautiful Sunday! I know you are excited to be near your Grandbabies! Sending HUGS and PRAYERS your way this morning! HUGS!

  13. Happy to hear your husband is doing better! Congratulations on the success in your business! Saying prayers your home sells quickly and your insurance needs get sorted out soon. Have a lovely day!


  14. SO good to hear from you! You are often in my thoughts and prayers. So many things to Praise our God for in this journey! And still some things you wait for......I was SO not good at waiting in our journey for a new home. God Bless your and every day as you search, heal, SELL that house, GROW your business, and travel to see your babies :)

  15. Bonnie, I've missed your visits. I just finally found your blog. I saw the name of it in a google comment on your google+ page. I'll be following now. Hope you are doing well!!

    Kathy Moreland (Sharing Shadymont)

  16. Bonnie, you are living an incredible life as you walk through this journey. Your faith is increasing and your trust in Him allows your heart to believe that He WILL make ALL things beautiful in HIS time. Love you, Girlfriend. xo


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