Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Farewell to Friends and Family

There's a memory in every room.
There's laughter in the walls,
and tears in every corner.

Right now, half of my heart is filled with joy
and a bit of my heart is sad.

My emotions fluctuate between peace
and anxiety.

My daughter called this weekend.
I didn't expect this and didn't anticipate 
the feelings that would follow.

"Mama, where will we go home to?"

Oh my!  The thought had not crossed my mind. 

Mama and Daddy and the home place-gone.
My sister's house is small (but we'll make room).
My mother in law's home is full with family.

Where is home?

Some of our friends threw us a party.

Old Friends

Prayer Partners


Career Youth

Maybe among these we will find our home away from home. 

Prayers Appreciated Much, 



  1. Praying for you as you make the move! You will find a new place to call home, you will fill it with familiar things and all will be just fine! Sending HUGS and PRAYERS your way dear friend!

  2. "Home" is where you are..."Home" is where you make it to be...I can understand where she is coming from, Liam has mentioned this before...and I always tell him, "Home is where we are. 4 walls do not make a home, the people do." Prayers sweet friend...I am looking forward to your many new adventures. Blessings

  3. Prayers and love, my friend...
    And home? Home is YOU. : )

  4. Prayers and my thoughts go with you as you find a new "home."

  5. I know it is sad to move away---Your joy a waits in your new home.

  6. People ask me if I won't miss our home of 30 years. I always say no. I think you will the physical place of your home. I can see why your children think that. But it will se different when you are moved for them. I think back and I felt the same way when my parents moved from my childhood home. I'm getting ready to say goodbye to another couple that is moving south. Soon there won't be anyone here. I'm serious so many have moved south. Prayers as the days will be stressful Hugs

  7. I know you will find this hard to grasp....but you have as many years ahead as you do behind...home is just up ahead. xoxoxo

  8. Your prayers of being near the grandchildren/children have been answered. I know that God has a "new" earthly home waiting just for you and your family! You will be blessed with new friends and still have the old friends. God is good.
    Praying for you to have peace and joy!

  9. Wishing you blessings in your new home! We are thinking of doing something like this, too...and it is bittersweet!

  10. Sending up some new prayers for you. You just tell your daughter that HOME is where YOU are! xo Diana

  11. Sweet blessings on your new journey. Home is where your heart is. You will still blog?

  12. What a bittersweet thing moving is. I'm sure you will love the new place, but it is hard leaving behind the places where memories occurred. Good luck!

  13. You already know that I am on this, girl! It is a big step but God will lead the way and bless you! Looking forward to seeing you one day soon in TN!

  14. Such a hard decision you've made, but it's one that will ultimately bring you to the right place.
    There's a lot of love in the smiles in those photos!

  15. Prayers are with you, my friend! Like others have already said, Home is where you are! I thoroughly believe that. Expecting great things ahead for you :)

  16. It really is a bittersweet thing, but being close to your kids and babies will be wonderful. Praying!

  17. Prayers! Everything will turn out great!


  18. I understand. Lots of emotions, but I hope the happy emotions are the loudest in your ear. Praying you are beginning a wonderful new chapter in your life. Praying for unexpected joys to enter your life.

  19. Praying for you with others. God will meet your needs.

  20. It is hard to say goodbye, and it is hard to leave the familiar for the unfamiliar...but God has led you and your husband in such a good positive way and before you know it...those back in GA will be taking trips to TN to visit. xo


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