Thursday, May 28, 2015

The Winds of Kansas on the Journey to Oz

My dear friends, 
I feel like I'm caught up in the winds of  Kansas
on my journey to Oz.

I don't know that I have ever been more totally exhausted.
I guess in all seasons there are periods of pure fatique that
we feel is beyond anything we have experienced before. 

Being a new mommy...
Running after toddlers...
School activities and car pools...
Teenagers and youth activities.
The pressure from releasing our grown children...
Raising our parents...

There were always whirlwinds on each journey
and in every season.

I guess the fatique on this journey is the result of getting older, 
not taking care of my body, and the emotional pull 
of letting go of the familiar to embark on the beauty of the unfamiliar. 

Our small apartment is beginning to look like home. 

Old things look new in a new place.
Some of my milkglass is still in boxes
and will remain until we get a bigger place.
Our lease is for one year so for now I'm resting. 

This table was in our small bathroom at home. 
I painted it gray and it works perfectly in our new place. 

The bedroom is actually larger than ours at home.
I still have to hang a few plates and the mirror.
I had saved $250 for a dresser to replace my old one. 
I got this one at the flea market before I left for $95.

The family pics are up. 

We're almost done.
Pray for Mr. H.
He's had more hip pain and recovery
has been slower than expected. 
I'm sure the move didn't help.

I have larngitis which happens to me two or three times a year.
The apartment manager said, 
"Welcome to Tennessee."

Love all you blogging buddies. 
Love all my friends back home. 
Miss my Nerium partners. 
In some ways, I'm starting over. 
Still prayers for a job with insurance and/or new Nerium customers 
to pay for insurance and to suplement our income. 

My newest Brand Partner is loving her Nerium. 

We're both loving her results.
Notice the lift in eye, less puffiness under eye, 
fewer lines around and under eye.

Everyone will see a difference.
Some will see results sooner.
Some will see more results, 
but everyone will see results. 

Thanks for dropping by Oz.



  1. I haven't moved in more than 20 years and am not planning a move, but I sure do remember how painful the first few months of life here in AZ was compared to my previous life in CA. Praying that peace reigns and you find comfort in new things! Sending blessings and if you are ever in AZ, stop by my new piece of Paradise (on the blog), we'll enjoy a relaxing time! Cindy

  2. Your new place is shaping up nicely, Bonnie! It may not quite feel like home just yet but having those babies close at hand will help you adapt. Praying for you as you get used to your new surroundings. Try to get some rest now :)

  3. Hi Bonnie! It's good to see a post. Your new place is looking very homey. Praying for the MR.

  4. Oh how I can relate...we moved from Alabama to NY 2 yrs ago. ANYWAYS--Your new place is looking lovely, Bonnie. You'll be settled in sooner than you think. Keeping you both in prayer. Blessings

  5. Get some rest dear friend! I pray that you will enjoy this day and each day ahead! Praying for your Hubby right now and for you! Sending HUGS and PRAYERS your way! I am going to order some of that miracle cream as soon as I finish what I am using:)

  6. The new place looks wonderful. I don't think I could even get settled in during a whole year, you've done great. Hope hubby heals's a pain (literally and figuratively) when your partner is not well.

  7. Your new home is lovely!
    And having the move behind you must be such a good feeling!
    Rest and stay cozy in your new space. my friend.
    Prayers and hugs.

  8. So glad to hear that you are safely and soundly in your new home! I hope that it is a great place for you to live for the next year while you take the next steps in life. I hope that your husbands hip will soon be all repaired too. xx

  9. Your home looks very inviting. Moving is hard work and very emotional. Get plenty of rest and know that you have many prayers for you and your family.

  10. Congrats on getting settled into your apartment. It looks great so far, Bonnie. I know it is all scary but you will do fine. Blessings- xo Diana

  11. Stopping back by this evening to wish you a very nice week. I continue to pray for you that God will richly bless you in your new home and give you peace and JOY! xo

  12. Oh Bonnie, it does sound like Oz! I do hope you can get settled into your apartment soon and that hubby is feeling better asap. Home is where the heart is. :)

  13. Bonnie, you are doing a wonderful job of making the apartment "home". It is true...that putting our old things in a new place does make them look new. Happy for you, Girlfriend.


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