Thursday, March 22, 2012

Last Chance for Give-away Drawing for 50

I'M SO EXCITED!   I now have over 50 followers!!!

Thank you so much, my friendly followers for sharing me with your friends!  This is a great life and I'm meeting new people everyday that I feel like I've known forever.  Yes, I guess I'm a little over the top, but that's just me.  You'll learn that more as you follow my blog. 

I'll draw for the apron and tureen tomorrow evening.  If I draw your name first, you'll get to decide which you want, tureen or apron.  You may not get your choice of apron.  Keith's Korner may have sold the one you like.  But, here's hoping...

There's still time.  Follow me, leave a comment, share me with a friend and get two chances to win! 
I just love giving things away.  Ask my customers:) But don't ask my boss! YIKES!

Thanks for sharing:)))))

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