Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Spring Cleaning

Ok, so I'll admit yesterday's post was not exactly what we like to see-the bad and the ugly.

Today I've feeling a bit sunny:)  I'm doing a little spring cleaning.  Yesterday was a different kind of cleaning-cleaning up the wounds and the scrapes and the scares of days gone by.

Today, I cleaned out a closet or two, uncluttered some of the clutter, took some junk and some pieces that didn't sell to the Salvation Army, stripped some beds, aired out some quilts and pillows and other linen-enough dirty laundry, huh?

In my cleaning, I happened upon some doilies that I had stuck back.  Each piece a little different-each piece the color of Spring.

Doesn't yellow make you think of Easter eggs?  This yellow doilie is a favorite of mine.  The yellow throw was made by my grandmother, a treaure I hold dear.

Isn't the texture fabulous?

Can't imagine the hands that held the thread to create this beautiful piece.

I'm not a photographer so I can't fully capture the beauty of this discolored, crackled ironstone pitcher. 
Oh yeah, I added a little burlap wreath and a wire cloche to my new corner. 

Hope you'll visit again soon.



  1. Hi Bonnie: I like the yellow too. I especially like you new corner. Happy Wednesday..Judy

  2. Thanks, Judy for your always sweet comments.

  3. Good Morning Bonnie - loving the yellow and your cloche & pinecones. Thanks for stopping by by my blog yesterday - =)
    Down to Earth Style

  4. I love that discolored pitcher! It is perfect and has so many uses. The wire cloche is great also. Some great pieces. Have a wonderful week.


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