Wednesday, March 21, 2012


My garage is full of junk...Ugh....

This should make me happy, but I seem to have accumulated more than my 1000 sq ft house can accomodate.


I'm having a YARD SALE!!!!!  (Can you hear me screaming!)
This would at any other time excite me, but NOT THIS TIME!

It's a necessity.  I've somehow obtained more junk than I know what to do with...mama's junk, my junk, (can you believe I still have my kid's junk after 10 years of empty nest???), and my junk that did not sale at the shop! So, ughhhhhh!

I can't look at it any longer today.  My back aches, my head hurts from pricing stuff outside in this Middle Georgia pollen (Did I mention that everything is yellow?  Again the pollen!), my neck and shoulders hurt from loading a large armoir, a chair, and 4 large boxes of no-sale stuff from the shop.  Did I mention I'm tired???

Can't believe the run-ons here!  My ADD is really here, there and everywhere!

Ever see Happy Gilmore???  I think I'm gonna go find my Happy Place.

Just love my family.  This is my daughter, Christy and my son-in-law, Troy.

This is my son, Chad, GRANDson, Connor, and daughter-in-law, Christina.

Can you tell that they make me very happy:)  No, these are not for sale!  PRICELESS!


  1. Beautiful family!

    Yardsales are a whole lot of work, I agree. I do hope yours goes well and you get rid of a lot and make a lot of money.

    Everything is yellow here in middle Tennessee also. Yuk!

  2. Done those types of sales. It's all brutal. I refuse to do them anymore. I call Goodwill and it GOES! I love the pics of your family. Beautiful!

  3. What is your first name or are you wanting to keep it a secret. If so, I understand. Good luck on the yard sale, they are a lot of work. Thank you for introducing your family. Your daughter and son-in-law are a beautiful looking couple and your son looks like a movie star (can't place who it is). I bet you've heard that before. His wife is so cute and that little boy is precious.. You are certainly blessed..Happy Spring..Judy

  4. It is nice to meet you! You have a beautiful family!
    Your newest follower!

  5. Thanks everyone for your precious response to my family. Judy, my name is Bonnie. Sorry, I guess the blog doesn't say that. I'm so new to this but am enjoying it immensely. Judy, Chad will laugh at that! He was such a nerd in high school and never dated. He grew up to be quite a man in college. He played college baseball. He was walking across the field one day and I asked my husband, "Who is #13?" He said, "Crazy woman, that's Chad, your son." I sat in the stands and cried. My baby had become a man! When he came home all the girls who thought he was nerdy then were like, "Whoa!" I like the song, "Wait til you See my now" by Toby Kieth!

  6. You have a Christy and a Christina? that's aswesome.

  7. Yes, and the funny thing is Christy had a doll when she was a little girl that she named Christina. So I guess we've always had a Christina.


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