Saturday, March 17, 2012

Mama's Apron

I once read a poem entitled "Mama's Apron."  I stumbled across some fabulous aprons today.  Actually, a friendly vendor, "Keith's Korner," brought them by for me to examine.  Loved every last detail.  I was so excited, I honestly "squealed," as my mom would say, hooped and hollered and jumped up and down.  (not very lady-like, I know)
I hate to have my picture made, but these aprons were big-mama size, just like me.  Just wanted to show that they actually made it around my waist!

Oh yeah, back to "Mama's aprons."  Did you ever stop to think about how precious an apron is?  An apron was used for many things.  My granny and mama always had a kleenex or hankie in the pocket for wiping a kids' nose, drying a tear, or brushing a sweated brow after a hot day in the kitchen.  (Ooh, just think if that same hankie did all three!  Yikes!  And we survived!)
It was used for picking vegetables from the garden and bringing in shucked corn to be cleaned, scraped, cut off the cob, blanched and bagged.  An apron was used when a drying cloth was not to be found.  It help a hot handle from a cast iron frying pan.  It shooed the flies away from the food and fanned a child who was hot from a day of play. 

Notice the detail in the one I modeled.  Hand-stitched.  The gathering is fabulous!  I think this is my favorite.

This looks like it was made from a pillow case that was ready to be embroidered or painted.  During the 60's oil painting on was done on fabric. 

How totally 60's retro is this?

Is this just not adorable.  Look at those cross-stitches!  Miss Pretty-in-Pink:)  Deep pocket for holding that hankie!

Love the small rick-rack around the pocket and hem.  Such femininity!

These were from an estate sell and Keith met the lady who made all of these treasures.

I was just fascinated by all the detail that went into each one.  I love the way the pocket hang on this one.  Had to show a green one for St. Patty's Day!

Just could not resist the red one! Makes me miss my country kitchen!

Thanks, Keith from The Shed for sharing your treasures with me!  Nothing like a Mama's apron!


  1. Neat apron stories. I wear an apron all the time in the kitchen. Back to the good old days... Judy

  2. Love your blog! Thanks for checking out mine and following. :)

  3. I love your story about what aprons were used for. I love aprons, myself, and have several beautiful old ones. I have a few that were hostess aprons and then several that were just good old hard working aprons. :) I actually like using them myself when I can remember to grab one.

    Aprons are another sweet reminder of days gone by.

  4. what a lovely collection of aprons! it's so fun to wear one (although i only do this on occasion) and i love to see aprons hanging in a kitchen. something very sweet and endearing about them to me.


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